Oppose the Line 5 Oil Pipeline Tunnel

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A 65-year-old pipeline known as Line 5 carries millions of gallons of oil every day through the heart of the Great Lakes. An oil spill here would be devastating.

Instead of shutting down this oil pipeline, what tens of thousands of Michiganders have called for, Michigan’s outgoing Governor wants to build a new oil pipeline under the Great Lakes. He is trying to rush through a deal with Enbridge, the Canadian company that owns Line 5, to lock us into this tunnel before Michigan's new governor takes office in January.

This oil tunnel deal with Enbridge is a horrible deal for the Great Lakes, and it is a disastrous deal for the climate. It would allow the existing dented and corroded pipeline to keep operating in these treasured waters for another 10 years while the tunnel is built. This tunnel would be leased to Enbridge for up to 99 more years of oil transport. This investment in a new oil pipeline will inevitably delay the transition off of fossil fuels at a time when we cannot afford it.

In October, the world’s top scientists released the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report finding that we must cut climate emissions in half within 12 years if we are to avoid the worst climate impacts. If we fail to act, the report specifically states that hundreds of millions of lives will be lost around the world from food shortages, worsening drought, and heat waves. Michigan and the U.S. are not immune from these impacts, and we have a responsibility to make wise decisions about fossil fuel infrastructure.

When burned, the oil in Line 5 releases the pollution equivalent of 21 coal-fired power plants. Transportation fuels are now the largest source of climate pollution in the U.S. Rather than moving forward with a disastrous deal to guarantee a commitment to fossil fuels for a century, we should be investing in clean energy, to guarantee a sustainable, healthy future for the state of Michigan.

The people of Michigan just elected a new Governor and Attorney General who have said they do not support an oil tunnel, and will work to shut down Line 5 in the Straits of Mackinac. The outgoing Governor is rushing to sign this deal with Enbridge before he leaves office so that Michigan is stuck with it.

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