Help us stop 3 billion pounds of ocean plastic pollution

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Every year, 17 billion pounds of plastic enters our ocean. We are going to cut that in half within 5 years.

The opportunity starts by beginning with the most challenging river. The Yangtze River is the third longest river in the world, at almost 4000 miles long. Because of it's length and massive watershed, it accumulates a lot of plastic - 3.3 billion pounds, or 1.5 billion kilograms.

That works out to 6000lbs every minute or around 3000kgs per minute.

We've identified the technologies needed to create a mass-scale ocean plastic filter, positioned 120 miles from the exit of the river into the greater pacific ocean.

Once the plastic is collected, it will be sorted into 3 categories, and then upcycled. Either into construction materials, energy, or consumer goods.

We need your help generating 100,000 signatures to present The Ministry of Ecology and Environment in China to secure the local government support needed to make The Ocean Plastic Filter a reality.

Join the movement to end the ocean plastic crisis and leave our earth a better place. Welcome to #teamplanet