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RWC( Resident Welfare Committee) of Greenwoods Government Society 1, Greater Noida, India have made Illegal Policy of "No Feeding" due to which community dogs are dying of starvation. 

RWC has treacherously relocated/murdered under the pretext of Sterilisation. Dogs are territorial animals who cannot survive in another area. This petition is to urge the Authorities to intervene so that the relocated dogs are brought back.

Justice For Brownie who was inhumanely poisoned to death by RWC. Imagine the excruciating pain Brownie, (Dog in the picture) must have endured before his writhing body gave up, with all his insides out on the floor.

Dogs are faithful companion animals, are a part of
family/community. Strays live their entire life in suffering and hunger on the streets, in unimaginable destitute conditions without food or fresh water; to make matters worse certain individuals in the society are acting as a catalyst to their misery by inculcating fear, beating and killing them. You would agree that this is not only horrendously cruel but also unethical.

Residents of the society has been evicted overnight for feeding these poor street dogs. Like any compassionate human being Feeder felt bad for these starving dogs and fed them. RWC & its members demanded relocation of dogs. Rejecting her several pleas to a polite resolution for harmonious living, RWC members barged in her house armed with bats to Criminally Intimidate and Pressurise her to accept their demands. President of the society, hates dogs and poisoned the minds of other 250 families residing in the colony.  They walk with bats in their hands and don't hesitate in beating the dogs. Dogs who venture out of the society in search of food, are also being beaten away  and not allowed back in. This led to several horrendous deaths on the main road outside the society. Feeders have been witnessing this drama of this most notorious and criminal RWC over a Saga of years. 
An FIR was filed in view of overwhelming Animal Cruelty in Greenwoods but no action has been taken which yields favour ism on their part; arises the question why is the Police shielding the perpetrators?  There is no fear in the minds of the offenders. We urge Prompt Action to be taken by Law Enforcement Authorities.

Will Greater Noida Police take action against these retired goons?  Govt officials ought to be considerate towards the Environment. You would agree such people have no right to Govt pensions. Why should Indian Govt pay pensions to such vile people who threaten compassionate humans (video in link), kill  dogs, use their power & money in manipulating laws to their benefit

1) Help the safe return of relocated dogs which includes a paralysed dog.

2) Feeding Rights so that at least food and treatment can be given to the hungry and injured inside. Dogs are Hungry, Starving, Suffering, Injured & need YOU to make that change for them.


Name of Society: Greenwoods Government Welfare Society, Phase 1, Omega 1, Greater Noida, U.P. India


0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!