Shut down Ryons "Rescue" Pen AKA Ryon's Kill Pen

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Investigation on main owner of "Simon" kill pens

Conditions of the kill pen

Saving my old mare from kill pen

Myself, along with many other horse lovers out there want Ryan's "rescue" pen shut down, because they are really not a rescue they are a kill pen. A kill pen is a place where horses go before they end up on a truck to go to slaughter to Mexico or Canada. Horse lovers and horses themselves are affected by this place and i want to put an end to it.

Ryan's "rescue" pen goes to multiple auctions and they outbid everyone at auctions the best that they can and end up bringing the horses back to their location, pricing them higher than what they paid for them at the auction, give people a deadline of when the horse needs to be purchased or the horse goes to slaughter. They get away with this because they have rescue in their business title but are not a non profit, in which they agree they make a profit off of this. This place gets new horses every week and are pulling at people's heartstrings stating that they will be shipping the horses to slaughter if not purchased but in reality they do not ship to slaughter, because only healthy and fat horses ship because they get paid per pound per horse. The sick,injured and old horses are sold to the public. The conditions are disgusting. There is dirty hay, dirty water, no shelter and horses are stuffed in the small pens kicking and biting eachother. Some horses are really old, skin and bones, cant walk, blind and some are even sick. They run stallions in with mares in which the mares could carelessly become pregnant. They do not vet horses, such as if they have open wounds, cuts or diseases. They false advertise the horses as mares and when people get home they are geldings, they false advertise age and height and breed as well. The horses get sick from this pen and spread it to other horses and cross state lines with sick horses and no vet check/blood work/shots done.

I experienced this place first hand when I realized my old horse was at this kill pain. When I went there I instantly saw the conditions and was disgusted. This to me was not a rescue this is a kill pen and they even state in their about section on their page that they ship to slaughter and a rescue does NOT ship to slaughter. I had to raise $550 to get my old horse out of that kill pen and I only had one day to do it because that's when I realized that she was there and I didnt want her to be shipped.

Definition of a horse rescue: "Equine sanctuary and rescue facilities both house. and care for unwanted, abandoned, neglected, abused, or injured horses. Those that prepare and release sizable numbers of animals for adoption are defined as rescue or rehabilitation operations." Now tell me...does Ryons "Rescue" Pen seem like a rescue?, NO.

A lot of people are blinded by the truth that this is a kill pen. I was also scrolling through Facebook and saw that a lot of people have witnessed firsthand and encountered firsthand the conditions along with being outbid by the owners of this kill pen at auctions. 

Testimonies (anonymous):

1) "To all my horse friends/rescue pen believers: We were at a horse sale this past Saturday and bid on 2 Jenny mini donkeys (to add to our herd)--we were outbid and today these same 2 mini donkeys are listed in the local "rescue pen" (Ryon's Rescue Pen). These donkeys and many other horses are not "rescues", they were not saved from slaughter, they were bought for resale purposes, these donkeys would have gone to a good home had one of the "rescue pen buyers" not bought them for the purpose of mark-up and resale. He paid $100-120 for each of them and has them listed in the "rescue" pen for $225 each! These "rescue pens" are a for-profit business--they exist to make money, not save the animals as they would have you believe!"

2) "Just made 3.5 hr drive to pick up a BLM mustang there yesterday. Some horses they have there literally look dead but somehow still standing. There was an old gelding there skin and bones with maggots crawling over him, he had a missing eye and a busted leg. Obviously needing medical attention or to be put down. One of the owners was rude and you could tell she had no remorse for any animal nevertheless the buyer. We showed up and she immediately told us to back up the trailer to get the gelding (I hadn't paid for yet) ready and loaded up. I said can't I look at him first atleast? She reluctantly agreed and brought me to the pen with half a foot of mud on ground. I asked her if me and fiancé talk a little (abt how to pay) before paperwork.. She said, 'talk about WHAT? I have another appt in an hour so make it fast' How is that any way to handle a business that you apparently care so much about? I took the horse home bc i felt so dang bad for the thing. Awful awful experience".

3) "my colt that I picked up 2 years ago would have died if I wouldn't have gotten him that day. He couldn't get at hay or water cause he had a body score of two and all the other horse were chasing him. When they chased him into the trailer they knocked two other horses down running him around in the shit filled pen and I mean they went down hard. He had no life left in his eyes and by the sounds of it he was in the pen got 30.some days just withering away :("

4) "I've bought 8 from ryons and the last time was a horrible experience. The last 2, I had a wonderful hauler pick up and haul to me. The first of the last 2 ( November 2017) *** recommended this hauler to me. However come this spring when I called Jen was unprofessional. Acted like I was wasting her time completely. Told her I was having the same hauler... And she just got more irrate. Told me that this was to be her last haul from the pen and she would not be allowed back. Turns out they had a disagreement and she was making this personal.
**** overall attitude towards me was disgusting. Shouldn't she be for selling the horses that make her paycheck? And banning people that can easily get to the pen to haul to those who can't, just because they had a *disagreement*. I watch the horses weekly for any of my old ones that may come through. Like the gelding I sold, a month after his sale he was back at the pen. He was sold for well over meat price at $1000. A month later he was at the pen for $750 (I think). I watched to see of he sold and thankfully he did go to a good home. But it was awful to watch and I waited for the "saves" people to blow up on me for selling him... thankfully they didnt. He just didn't fit our program, but we kept him all winter, got him up to weight, did his feet every 6 weeks, dentals, shots and got his coggins (neg) done while we cared for him.
I've decided that I can no longer support ryon and the pen. The conditions each time I was there personally were sickening. Usually muddy/shitty, wet footing with crap quality of hay (which seems to get better then back to crap) stud Colts ran with mares and geldings. All beating each other up. They are also horrible at ageing horses! My beautiful old man was listed as 15. At his dental he was aged at 25. The saves page makes me sick. The same people are getting horses weekly. How do they afford all of them? It's set up so they become horders and they either die from mysterious illness or just "couldn't be saved" then there's the side businesses created from this. Professional "quarantines" that make alot of cash to keep an animal for 30 days".

5) "I was at a Horse Sale Spring Special sale in April. I was there for a specific horse because even though she was untouched, she was bred similar to my mare that I am in love with. The horse was a 2 year old filly. She was walked into the ring with her yearling brother at the halter, both seemed frightened and weren't behaving as they should. It was only myself and one other man bidding. He bid me up to $600 (which was more than I was planning on spending on a nearly untouched horse at an auction) but I kept bidding on. The auctioneer "didn't see" me wave my hand for $625, and she was sold to the other man. I was really upset. I had my husband go find out who it was and talk with them to see if they would sell her to me. He did, but wanted a $100 check. Normally I would not have done this, but like I said I was only there for this specific horse and I wanted her. So I did it. I asked for the name and sure enough, "Make it out to Ryon Simon." This personal experience proves to me that NO, they are NOT just taking the loose horses that would have otherwise gone right on a truck and giving them a week... They are outbidding people that are offering good homes."

If they are a rescue why cant they wait until the end of the auction and pickup all the loose horses? Think about that for a minute...

Please sign the petition below and share with your friends and family to help me shut down this kill pen along with their Facebook page in which they sell the horses on. These wonderful and beautiful horses deserve better and deserve to be at a loving home.

ALL KILL PENS SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN. If its illegal for horseslaughter in the USA, why isn't it  to ship horses to slaughter?


Kyleen & other Equine lovers