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Help Save These Innocent Dogs!

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Last year someone I know witnessed something really horrible up in Churchill Manitoba. Dozens upon dozens of dogs are tied up on chains, all day and all night, left in the cold, with no water, and barely any food. They are deprived of any love and attention.  At times, being that there is such a shortage of food for the wild animals, these innocent dogs are left to be attacked and killed by the wild animals for food. And no legal action is being taken. Apparently this is some sort of a "tourist" attraction. Please everyone sign this petition. No animal deserves this. It saddens me so much to actually see that people can get away with this kind of abuse.

As I said no animal should be treated this way. These are innocent sweet dogs that deserve to have a safe, loving, warm home to call their own. A dog doesn't ask for much. They don't care how much money you have or what you look like, give them your heart, and they will give you theirs. 

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