Help Save The Historic Port Hope Hospital That Treated World War 1 Soldiers

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Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (ACO) Port Hope is fighting hard to save the historic hospital that treated our WW1 soldiers during and after the war.

Port Hope Council plans to vote June 19 to reverse their unanimous decision to designate the Historic Hospital buildings.

We are calling for your support to sign this petition to protect these buildings from demolition. We’re going to take our fight to Port Hope Council again because we have a responsibility to these heritage buildings and to Port Hope. And to those soldiers treated there.

 The heritage buildings at 65 Ward St. have earned their place in our community. Not only do they display a high degree of craftsmanship and architectural merit, but they are also part of Port Hope history and a tribute to those brave people who fought for our rights and freedoms. Many gave their lives for us and what we have today – and others returned injured and broken from battle.

It was here in this first hospital of 1913, formerly a private home, where more than 200 of these WW1 soldiers received care. The second larger hospital, built in 1916 with funds raised by the residents of Port Hope, made this care possible as a significant recuperative centre for wounded soldiers and veterans during and after the war.

Now those buildings are under threat by a for-profit company looking out for its bottom line. Southbridge Care Homes Inc. owns Regency Manor and Hope Street Terrace and plans to consolidate both long-term care homes into one new facility. This consolidation of services will add only THREE new beds to our community and may potentially reduce staff. To do this, Southbridge intends to demolish the old heritage hospital.

Southbridge refuses to work with drawings provided by local heritage architects to redevelop the property in keeping with the site’s heritage designation yet still meeting Ministry of Health standards.

Port Hope Council passed a unanimous motion on April 11 to initiate heritage designation of the property. Now some councilors want to change that and plan to vote June 19 to reverse the site’s heritage designation.

Help us protect our heritage. Please sign this petition