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With only a few Amur leopards remaining in the wild due to logging, farming, building and poaching- this beautiful species is on a harsh road to extinction if there is not any action done immediately. 20-30 remaining in Russia and no more than 10 to be found in China.

The Amur Leopard is suffering daily risks from: poaching (and poaching of their prey, like deer); forest-fires which reduce their habitat; enraged farmers – who are now compensated for livestock killed by tigers and leopards.

Amur leopards are particularly vulnerable because of their preference for deer, a natural predatory preference but dangerous in the Russian Far East due to direct human involvement: farmers in the Russian Far East raise deer for human consumption, and to produce antlers for the Asian medicine market.

The Amur leopard is critically endangered and desperately needs our help.

There has been very little research done to protect the Amur Leopard and it has been virtually ignored.

There is still hope to save them. We can make similar steps that were made to save the Siberian Tiger; most importanly we need to make people aware of the situation the Amur Leopards are in and their extreme danger of extinction.

At the present time there still exist large tracts of forest which are ideal leopard habitat. If these areas can be protected from logging companies the chance exists to increase wild leopard numbers. However, the Amur leopard lost 80% of its range in the 13 years from 1970-1983 and logging isn't the only threat to its habitat.

Please don't let these gorgeous creatures disappear! Something must be done!

Letter to
Prime Minister of the Russian Federation  Vladimir Putin
Premier Minister of the State Council of the People's Republic of China Wen Jiabao
We are desperately asking that more conservation efforts are made to save the Amur Leopards from extinction.

We wish to register our concern for the Amur Leopard, of which only 20-40 remain in the wild and only 10 purebred animals remain in captivity. Sharing the same habitat of the Siberian Tiger, this sub-species of leopard is by far the largest. It is known for its beautiful spots and long fur reminiscent of a snow leopard.

We beseech you to ensure that the utmost be done to prevent the extinction of the Amur Leopards. We call for:
1. Increased crackdown on illegal poaching.
2. Increased protection and guarding of reserves including a reduction in illegal fires, logging and hunting of the Leopards' prey species.
3. A review of the Tymangan basin cultivation program, to minimise effects on the Leopards, and creation of more reserves, including the joining together of existing reserves.

There is no time to waste. Please take action immediately to help save this great animal!

Thank you for taking the time to hear our concerns.