Help Save our Sport Programs at the Charlestown High School Fields

Help Save our Sport Programs at the Charlestown High School Fields

October 9, 2022
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Started by Tim McKenna

Help save our Sports Programming!  Our Football & Cheer, Softball, Soccer, Lacrosse and Track programs are all at risk of losing our one field next year if we don't get your support.

The Charlestown High School Athletic Fields have been budgeted for replacement for several years.  The community non-profit programs have been working with the Boston Parks and Recreation to try to limit the impact to our programs.  

The last step before moving ahead with the project was to get the approval of the Conservation Committee.  While the Parks Department expected an approval at the meeting on October 3rd, a small group of activists in addition to others from outside our community voiced their concerns about the environmental impact of the project.  The Committee will meet again on the 19th to weigh the decision again.  If this project does not get approved at this meeting, we will not have any fields to run our programs in the spring.

We run the real risk of losing our place in our leagues and our children who have endured so much during the pandemic miss another season entirely.

This project has the support of our City Councilor and the Mayor, who's policy of natural grass over turf even clearly recognizes the need for synthetic fields where appropriate and especially where they have previously operated.

Our programs would also prefer grass fields, but that is simply not practical at this time with the amount of play being asked of this one space.  Should we be able to improve our access and inventory of outdoor spaces in the future, we would welcome the debate around whether we could sufficiently maintain grass fields at this location.

The environmental questions the Conservation Committee has asked of the Parks have been sufficiently answered in our opinion, and they have provided a plan to oversee the fields to monitor any leeching from the turf.  The fact is the turf that is on the field is a far greater environmental and safety risk than a new field, and any further delay only increases that risk.

Please sign and share this petition to the Conservation Committee to approve this project with no further delays.

And please join us on the next open Committee Meeting on October 19th.  The information will be posted here closer to the date.

If you have any questions, please feel fee to contact Tim McKenna 


This petition made change with 2,425 supporters!

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