Help save our dog Maya from being seized and euthanized under the direction of the bylaw

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 I have created this petition to help save a friends family dog, please take some time to read their story:

Please help us save our family dog Maya from being seized with the intent to be euthanized under the direction of the Brockville Ontario bylaw office.

Maya was given to us by a close family friend when she was just 8 weeks old and to the best of our ability we have acted as responsible dog owners. She is now 8 years old and was lovingly raised with our 3 young children, the oldest being 8.

Last summer, 4 days before we moved into our new home, the neighbours, whom we had not yet met, made a bylaw complaint against us based on hearing from the previous owner (verified in writing by that owner) that the new tenants had 3 young children and a dog. The female neighbour expressed concern that a pit bull might be moving in...without knowledge and sight unseen.

The day after the move, Maya was being led to the backyard for her morning ablutions when she suddenly broke free of her owners grip on her collar because she felt threatened that the dog next door had reappeared after being continuously paraded back and forth the day before in front of the home.
Keep in mind, Maya has been at the new home for less than 24 hours and there were so many new scents and noises to get familiar with.
Maya was loose for a mere 10 seconds when she approached the female neighbour and her dog.
Maya excitedly ran a few circles around the woman and her dog, and of course, the woman's dog responded in a similar manner causing her owner to get tangled up in the leash and fall.
The woman claimed that Maya attacked her dog (no witness). A subsequent vet report indicated a small abrasion but no puncture wound.
They were dogs being dogs, exhibiting typical dog behaviour. The neighbour was helped to her feet and appeared fine. Let it be known that shortly after the incident occurred the woman’s husband (not a witness) approached and stated “your dog is dead”.
In the weeks and months to follow incidents of personal intimidation continued. It's so bad that the neighbours have decided to go over the by law officers head demanding they get their way and the dog be removed and or destroyed.

Multiple people have come forward providing written character statements of the family, Maya, and most importantly their first hand interactions with Maya insisting that Maya was only ever known to be a loving, gentle and happy dog that was attended by her owners at all times.

From the beginning there has been discriminatory bias toward the family and the dog. The complainant’s conflicting accounts were entered as statements for court records even after a veterinarian officially identified Maya as a retriever/lab mix.

We are waiting for Maya’s DNA test results to arrive to prove our case but we fear that hope is fading after the following statement was made by the crown prosecutor to the family....’if the test reveals even 1% pit bull DNA she will be seized’.

Not a muzzle, not a fence, not some other reasonable compromise, recommendation or resolution. How can a split second accident, followed by conflicting stories and even clear mistakes on official documents, have turned into imminent euthanasia of such a sweet, gentle dog?

Our time is running out. Please help us save Maya

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