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Help save my DOG who was improperly treated by authorities!

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My dog's name is Oakland. He is a 3 year old pitbull that has been wrongfully accused and is going to be euthanized if we cannot afford to pay an attorney to help us beat this case. Back in October, our neighbor's 6 year old daughter and her friends were jumping on the trampoline in their backyard (they always push the trampoline up next to our 6ft fence even after their parents have moved it away from the fence numerous times.) Early that day, my boyfriend had seen the kids taunting and barking at Oakland. He had asked them to stop. Sonetime later(which was after we had already let Oakland back inside the house) the dad of the girl next door, came knocking on our front door to tell us that his daughter's friend has supposedly gotten bit because she had been reaching her hand over onto our side of the fence, taunting my dogs once again. (Background: the neighbor kids have actually been over to our house to play with our dogs in the months before the incident; Oakland is very friendly, he loves our 4 month old son and is always laying with him as you can see for yourself in the pictures I've attached to this posting). He said that he wasn't even sure if Oakland had nipped at her or his claw just got her on the hand. The Humane Society had put Oakland on a dangerous dog permit until the case had been settled. So while we were waiting for that court date, on December 16, 2017, my boyfriend was out of town on a job and I was at work. Oakland had managed to nudge the bedroom window open, jump out and was just hanging out on our front lawn. A lady who was walking her 2 little dogs down our street had seen what had happened and continued to go and knock on our other neighbor's door(we live on a corner lot, the little girl lives behind us and this other neighbor[an 80 year old man whose about 50ish year old son who was visiting that day]lives next to us). The son of our neighbor had answered the door and she proceeded to tell him how she saw Oakland jump out of the window. (Not sure where the lady went after she talked to him). The son had come out of his father's house and was supposedly just standing on the sidewalk in front of our house just minding his own business. He said that Oakland had ran past him not only once but twice without doing anything and then all of a sudden when he ran past him a third time, had bit him on the hand. The son had claimed he wasn’t trying to catch him or anything but had gotten bit. But yet this little old lady and her two little dogs that had walked by hadn't gotten attacked or bit or even approached at all. This led us to believe that he had been trying to catch our dog by himself. He didn't even call the humane society until after he got bit, honestly I don't care how friendly a dog is, you should not try to corner and catch a dog that you don't know because they can get scared and are only trying to defend themselves. The parents of the little girl next door had witnessed this whole incident and even said that the other neighbor shouldn't have tried to catch him. The whole situation could have a should have been avoided. The son didn't need to come out of the house, he should have just stayed inside and called the Humane Society. But instead he took matters into his own hands, which ended up in alleged injury. The Humane Society came and caught Oakland (all while I was at work, and hadn't even bothered to try and get ahold of me like they had told the Judge they did). They said that they would be keeping him until the court date and we would have to pay $15 a day until he was released. (More backstory: The son had called me asking when Oakland was going to be put down, and said that he couldn't believe I would have a PITBULL around my 4 month old son. He clearly has prejudice against the bully breed and still decided it was a good idea to attempt to catch my dog). The court date came and we were offered a plea deal that said if we agreed to have him euthanized, they would waive any and all fees for his time being held at the Humane Society. We believe that both of these incidents were provoked and that neither of them should have even been taken this far. We are trying to hire an attorney who specializes in these types of cases who believes we have a solid case to win. We have filed for release of discovery and have yet to receive anything form the courts. There has been no proof of either alleged bite: no pictures, no hospital bills, not anything. They had also said that they couldn't take a statement from the 6 year old girl who was allegedly bitten because it was immoral, yet the next time we spoke with them, they told us that they would be having the 6 year old testifying at the trial. Our trial dates are still not until February 27th and March 6th. Oakland will not be able to come home until everything has been settled. We have to drop off food to him every week, and pay $15 per day that he is in there. That alone is a huge amount of money. The funds will also go to an animal defense attorney we have hired to try to save Oakland's life. Juliet Piccone of the Piccone Law Firm was recommended to us by many people and she agreed to take the cases. Oakland is family to us, we have had him since he was just a puppy. He had already been in "Doggy Jail" for over a month and will be there for at least another 2 months. That in itself is enough to change a dog, he is going to think that we have abandoned him because we aren't even allowed to see him until all is said and done. Please please help us get our family member back, he means the world to us and it would just be so detrimental to lose a family member, Especially when the accusations are so unjust. (Just because you or someone you love defends themselves, whether it's in a fight or not, they should be put on death row?? Just take a moment to think about what you would do if your family member/dog/animal was in this position; wouldn't you do anything to save them?) It means everything to our family that you have taken the time out of your day to read our story and help Oakland get back to our family. We will be more than happy to keep each and every one of you updated on what happens at each court date and the final verdict. Please help us share our story with all of your animal and bully breed loving friends and family. We understand that it's not a lot of time to raise this much money, but with your help we can bring our Oakland home. 


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