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The world’s rarest and smallest marine dolphin is at risk of extinction. Only an estimated 55 Maui’s dolphins over the age of one remain on the planet, all living along a small stretch of New Zealand’s coast.

While their survival is threatened by sand mining and oil and gas exploration, the greatest immediate threat is certain types of fishing nets used throughout their coastal habitat. Living close to shore, Maui’s dolphins can easily become entangled in these nets and drown. With so few remaining, each unnecessary death is a critical one.

Urge New Zealand Prime Minister John Key to protect the last remaining Maui’s dolphins by prohibiting dangerous fishing gear from their habitat, safeguarding the region from sand mining and the threat of oil and gas exploration, and establishing a protected ocean corridor. Help give this species a fighting chance.

Letter to
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key
I am alarmed that there are only 55 Maui's dolphins over the age of one remaining in New Zealand's waters. Equally disturbing is the knowledge that human activities continue to put this dolphin at risk of extinction. Please do everything in your power to save this globally significant species.

I urge you to ban the use of gill nets and trawl nets throughout the Maui's entire North Island coastal habitat, and instead, require the use of responsible dolphin-friendly fishing gear.

Also, please create a protected area ocean corridor between the South and North Islands so that Hector's dolphins can swim safely from the south to mix with Maui's dolphins in the north without the threat of being accidentally entangled in fishing nets.

Finally, I urge you to stop sand mining and safeguard Maui's from the threat of oil and gas exploration throughout their entire habitat.

Thank you for doing your part to save this species from extinction.

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