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** Content warning: Suicide **

On September 6th 2019 my best friend Chris Lopez took his life using a method not known to most, and which would not have been known to him without the help of the "Lost All Hope" website.

The site, which is hosted by ICDSoft, has many resources promoting suicidal ideation by way of normalizing behaviour associated with wanting to end one's life. Lost All Hope offers free education on methods of suicide, including detailed instructions on how to take one's life using various methods, such as the method used by Chris.

Lost All Hope promotes the notion that its users who are suffering from the very serious mental illnesses associated with wanting to take their own life, should freely and without medical advice, do so. This website is a wealth of information on suicidal methodology, and while offering options other than suicide, the organization refers to itself as "One of the most comprehensive suicide resources on the web."

I feel very much that without this website, my friend Chris would not have learned how to take his life in such a manner, and it would have stopped him from doing so. While offering an array of options to cope with one's suicidal thoughts, I firmly believe offering instructional content and promoting suicidal ideation is not the answer, and it should not be a readily available resource to those attempting to cope with a very serious mental illness. 

It is my hope that this petition will not only inform ICDSoft of this domain's intentions and activity, but at the very least, act as a catalyst in their removal of all content related to suicidal methodology and ideation, and ensure that content of this kind is no longer allowed across their servers. 

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