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Help save lives from drunk driving crashes.

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Four years ago, my nephew Robert Bickett, 25 years old,  was killed by a drunk driver and the choices he made one night. This person knew he was intoxicated, willingly ignored his prior 3 DUI arrest, and chose to drive anyway taking Robert's life and endangering others. Since then I have learned of the ignition interlock system and how many states surrounding ours have already been using them. Kentucky is allowed to use this technology but most courts and officials have chosen not to. I truly believe that if this device was used, Robert could still be with our family. Please sign this petition in efforts to encourage our courts, judges, and officials to start using the ignition interlock system and more consistently. This will help save lives and help someone from ruining their own. Isn't one life at least worth this effort?

Ignition Interlock: can monitor for alcohol use and for house arrest. Used as house arrest can save the state and tax payers at least $30 or more a day per person in jail. Advanced ignition interlock technology allows for real-time monitoring, has camera, and GPS. The cost is $4 a day. If one person spends a minimum of $30 on one night out, a minimum of 4 times a month that is $120! This does not include the other days in the month. The Ignition interlock system does not have to restrict a person solely from drinking alcohol unless ordered to do so and can be monitored in real time. The ignition interlock is a tool that is designed to do just what we are sending the police out to do time after time to round up drunk drivers off the roads. The whole purpose of the police force, the laws, the penalties, the jail time, the fines is to get people to stop driving drunk and keep them off of the roads. The ignition interlock when used does not take anything away from that person. They can still go to work and function just as normal, they can keep their license, therefore not be in jeopardy of losing their insurance. The only thing it prevents them from is if they drink alcohol right before they try to drive, their car won’t start…that is it.

Thank you for taking the time to do this. The life you save may be your own or someone you know or love.

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