Increase Public Access to Spay and Neuter Services and Education in San Antonio

Increase Public Access to Spay and Neuter Services and Education in San Antonio

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District 1 Council Member Mario Bravo and

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Started by Preeya Alestas

San Antonio dogs and cats need your help! Every year, ACS (Animal Care Services), our local, government-funded shelter euthanizes approximately 2,000 animals in San Antonio - but it doesn't have to be this way. Sign this petition now to urge city leaders to increase efforts towards educating the public and making spay and neuter affordable in every zip code in San Antonio.

Many of the animals that are euthanized are friendly, trained, and/or adoptable but simply do not have enough time to get adopted, fostered, or rescued due to the large number of daily intakes. Mama dogs and their pups are often on the euthanasia list as well. While there are a myriad of issues to be addressed, much of them can be solved by making spay and neuter more affordable or free.

Over the years, San Antonio has been reducing the number of zip codes that are eligible for free and low cost spay and neuter services which has had a very negative impact on pet owners who feel that sterilization is unaffordable and inaccessible to them. Many of these pet owners choose to forgo sterilization for their pet due to cost - resulting in the contribution to even more strays. The City of San Antonio urgently needs to provide more affordable options for its residents to encourage them to spay and neuter their pets and prevent unwanted litters. No dog or cat should ever be brought into the world unwanted and unloved and subjected to our broken system. We need to do better.

This emergency is largely due to lack of funding, education, and advocacy from our leadership. There are areas in San Antonio where residents are afraid to walk in their own neighborhoods due to the large number of accumulating strays. There are puppies being left to die in dumpsters, dogs being left on the side of the freeway like garbage, and starving pets wandering for weeks before anyone stops to help them. Many animals that desperately need medical attention are left on the streets to die because they cannot be accommodated.

While ACS has an 8 pet limit before requiring an Excess Animal Permit - many animal lovers of San Antonio have 5-10 animals living in their homes because they do not have it in their hearts to leave them outside to die. Rescues are drowning in animals and don't have the funding to support them. We are emotionally exhausted and financially depleted! The city of San Antonio's negligence when it comes to their animals is inhumane, cruel and comparable to a third world country.

Please reach out to the city officials to express your concern over the overpopulation of animals here in San Antonio, they are the ones who can facilitate sustainable change - and a big part of that is making spay and neuter more accessible to the public.

If you are unsure which district you reside in, please view this map

Districts 1-7 urgently need more access to free / low cost spay and neuter.

District 1 - Mario Bravo

(210) 207-7279

District 2 - Jalen Mckee-Rodriguez

(210) 207-7278

District 3 - Phyllis Viagran

(210) 207-7064

District 4 - Dr. Adriana Rocha Garcia

(210) 207-7281

District 5 - Teri Castillo

(210) 207-7043

District 6 - Melissa Cabella Havrda

(210) 207-7065

District 7 - Ana Sandoval

(210) 207- 7044

Districts 8-10 would benefit from a sliding scale for spay and neuter based on income.

District 8 - Manny Pelaez

(210) 207-7086

District 9 - John Courage

(210) 207-7325

District 10 - Clayton Perry

(210) 207-7276

If the stray situation does not get under control soon we will be facing an even more grim situation here in San Antonio. We need to get ahead of the problem. I urge you to sign and share this petition and contact your council members - to take a few minutes out of your day to speak for those who cannot. Every voice matters. Everyday that these circumstances continue, lives are lost. Sign this petition and please call your city leaders now!

4,268 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!