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Help Save Kisco Mountain from Development

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Please help us protect Village owned land on Kisco Mountain from commercial development. The proposed sale and development threatens to destroy more than 12 acres of pristine forest with more than 2,000 trees—land that has enormous value for flood prevention, hiking trails, habitat preservation, scenic beauty, as well as the health and quality of life for thousands of Mount Kisco residents.

We're asking our Village Board to pass a resolution that would prevent the sale  of the Village owned property known as 270 Kisco Avenue, as well as the rest of the 51.4 acres of Village property on Kisco Mountain, and designate this land as an open space for conservation in perpetuity

Reasons to Preserve Kisco Mountain from Development

Preserving the Mountain is Good for the Environment

If this sale and development go forward, more than 2000 trees will be cut down, and more than 12 acres of forest habitat will severely disturbed. More than 2/3 of this pristine woodland is on steep slopes, and this will further increase the risk of flooding, erosion, and other environmental damage. The loss of trees will also reduce air quality in the village, and permanently disrupt the habitat of local birds and other animals. Even after 8 years of legal efforts and engineering changes, developers have not been able to satisfy flood prevention and other environmental safety regulations for the project.

 The Village already experiences frequent flooding, and has three times as high a percentage of impermeable surface (paved and built-up land) as any other town in the Croton Watershed. The face of the mountain proposed for development and clear cutting drains directly into Branch Brook, which has flooded downtown stores and homes many times times over the past 20 years. 

Preserving the Mountain is Good for Business and Home Values

Preserving Green Space and creating Trails located in Villages and Towns provides an increase in real estate values and commercial sales

“It is clear that homes in greenway corridors on average sell for higher prices.”—Center for Urban Policy and the Environment 

“Trails consistently remain the number one community amenity sought by prospective homeowners.”— National Association of Homebuilders (2008)

"Business owners attribute 25% of revenues to their proximity to the trail."
— Great Allegheny Passage Economic Impact Study (2007–2008)

Preserving the Mountain is Good for our Quality of Life

Planned parking lots, lighting, and buildings will severely compromise our current and planned hiking trails from both a visual and auditory aesthetic perspective. These will also degrade the beautiful mountain views now enjoyed by residents of the hills above North Bedford Road, as well as visitors approaching the Village on the Saw Mill Parkway. The mountainside, in its currently pure environmental state, is an absolute gem with a consistently high tree canopy along with hilly and level hiking areas. Instead of a peaceful forest view, hikers and other residents will see buildings, driveways, parking lots, and cars.

 Preserving the Mountain is Good for Public Health and Safety

The village for years has faced security, environmental, human problems with multiple encampments, pollution, and garbage. Since community members have been creating, maintaining, and walking ttrails we have restored these areas to their naturally pristine state. The Kisco Mountain trails will receive the same high level of support from the trail team.

 Preserving the Mountain is Good for our Legacy

From a purely historical perspective Kisco Mountain represents Mount Kisco's cultural and historic DNA. It is the signature physical characteristic of the town, defining the village. For any community member who has taken our historic/nature guided walks, the history of the village comes alive as they stand on the trail overlooking the valley.


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