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After more than a decade at 856 9th Avenue, in Hell's Kitchen, NYC, Kashkaval is at risk of closing its doors for good. While our landlord – City funded, non-profit Clinton Housing Development Corporation – has been instrumental in the revitalization of our neighborhood, they have refused to meet with us to discuss a lease renewal for Kashkaval with no reason given.

Kashkaval has been in the community since 1998 and is locally owned. We are good tenants, we pay a market rent and are willing to continue doing so, we employ more than 30 people, and our shop is successful and known locally and internationally.

Despite all of this Kashkaval may close when our lease expires on September 30th, 2013.

We would like to publicly ask Clinton Housing for a chance to negotiate a new lease and save Kashkaval.

Time is short. Please sign our petition today.

Letter to
Clinton Housing Development Corporation
Locally owned Kashkaval has become part of the fabric of the Clinton neighborhood and losing it would be a tragedy for the community and the over 30 employees who work there.

Please renew Kashkaval's lease and save a neighborhood institution that has become a second home for locals and a cornerstone of the Hell's Kitchen community.

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