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Help Save Elephants: Tell Congress to Increase Conservation Funds

With their massive size, long lives and strong sense of community, elephants have captured our imagination and inspired us for centuries. But throughout Africa and Asia, elephants are being slaughtered and their homelands are being destroyed at alarming rates. 

Slaughtered for their precious ivory tusks and confined to ever-shrinking habitats, these ancient symbols of wisdom and family bonds are facing severe threats today.

The U.S. can help save this magnificent species, but only if Congress expands its support for international conservation programs.

Help us make sure that lawmakers know what’s at stake - urge them to take immediate action. 

Congress has the power to ensure a future for elephants and other threatened species – but they need to hear from as many of us as possible. Make sure your members of Congress get the message today.

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U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
As a constituent greatly concerned about the dwindling populations of elephants, tigers and other endangered and threatened species, I’m writing to urge you to increase conservation funding directed overseas through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Biodiversity Program, the Multinational Species Conservation Funds at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), the U.S. contribution to the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the U.S. Forest Service International Program (FSIP).

I’m worried that we are losing our biological heritage. Extinctions are happening 100 to
1,000 times more quickly than the natural rate and unless we alter course, 60% of the earth’s species may disappear by the end of this century.

The USAID Biodiversity Program protects some of the largest and most at-risk natural landscapes, such as the Congo Basin, the Amazon Basin, the Coral Triangle, and Southern Sudan's national parks. This investment serves multiple goals and addresses clean water, human health, global warming, local democracy, and poverty reduction.

The Multinational Species Conservation Funds administered by the USFWS have helped to protect some of the world’s most endangered species such as Sumatran rhinoceroses,
great apes, African elephants, Asian elephants, tigers, and sea turtles. USFWS also supplements U.S. foreign assistance which has led to the establishment of new nature reserves, reduced poaching and developed nature-based tourism.

The U.S. contribution to the Global Environment Facility leverages contributions from other developed countries and recipient countries to fund large landscape level projects in the developing world to address significant conservation challenges related to habitat loss, desertification, and pollutants.

Additionally, the U.S. Forest Service promotes forest conservation around the globe by responding to natural disasters and humanitarian crises, advances U.S. efforts to conserve forests worldwide and provides technical assistance to partners overseas.

These programs are essential to protecting the world's wildlife and wild places. I urge you to support $215 million for the USAID Biodiversity Program, $175 million for the USAID Sustainable Landscapes program, $188 million for the USAID Climate Change Adaptation program, $149 million for the Global Environment Facility, $15 million for the USFWS Multinational Species Conservation Funds, and $14 million for the U.S. Forest Service International Program in the FY 2011 Budget.

Thanks you in advance for your support of these important programs.

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