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Dog Peeps we need your help! There was a story from earlier this week in the The Orange County Register titled, "San Clemente rejects ban on pet sales". These are quotes from the article:

"The council majority felt that the Coastal Animal Services Authority – which runs the local shelter and provides animal-control services in San Clemente and Dana Point – could inspect and regulate any San Clemente pet stores that sell dogs or cats."

"We got a great dog from a pet store," Dahl said of a pet that came with American Kennel Club papers. Dahl said another dog he got from a breeder was an "angry dog."

"Councilman Tim Brown suggested the Coastal Animal Services Authority could verify or certify that any pet store selling dogs in town isn't buying from a puppy mill."

Here is the problem and what we are asking you to do to help educate the City Council of San Clemente. First off, they don't even realize that all pet shop puppies come from breeders. Councilmember Dahl said he got a great dog from a pet shop but not from a breeder..... Huh!

They also feel that the Coastal Animal Services can inspect and insure that Pet Stores aren't getting puppies from Puppy Mills. That's not possible and here is why:. By Federal Law, Pet Shops must use U.S.D.A. Licensed Breeders and Brokerages to purchase puppies for sale in their stores. Which sounds feasible, until you begin to realize that the dogs which are producing the puppies, live in other locations than San Clemente. So what is Coastal Animal Services going to do, get on a plane and fly around the Mid-West and the rest of the country investigating U.S.D.A. Licensed Breeders, Brokerages, and Auctions? They have no idea where the puppy came from and neither does the people purchasing the puppy, as a dog could have given birth at one breeders location and then taken the puppies and sold them directly to a brokerage or another breeder who then sales them to the Pet Shop and ships them to San Clemente for sale to the public. Ownership of these puppies could change two, three or four times before they finally reach the Pet Shop.

Please watch this undercover video of dog auctions and you will realize how insane and irresponsible the comments of the City Council of San Clemente was, as these dogs change hands over and over and over again from one breeder to another.

Now what you can do about it. Sign this Petition and please make Pen Pals out of the City Councilmembers of San Clemente and let them know how you feel. Here is their email addresses:

Mayor Jim Evert,
Mayor Pro-Tem, Tim Brown
Councilmember Robert Baker,
Councilmember Jim Dahl,
Councilmember Lori Donchak, (The Only Councilmember who voted in favor of requesting city staffers to write legislation for a Ban on Pet Shop Sales)

Make Pen Pals with them, email them but please be respectful but BE HEARD! 1.2 Million Dogs in cages for their entire lives are counting on you to be their voice!

Here is the article in the Orange County Register so you can read it for yourself:

Letter to
Mayor of San Clemente Jim Evert
Councilmember of San Clemente Robert Baker
Mayor Pro Tem of San Clemente Tim Brown
and 2 others
Councilmember of San Clemente Jim Dahl
Councilmember of San Clemente Lori Donchak
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The City Council of San Clemente, Ca.

Please send the ban of companion animals in pet shops for San Clemente to city staff to write proposed legislation.

Banning the sale of companion animals in pet shops in San Clemente will close the door on Pet Shops who are seeking new homes from other cities in Orange County, as more and more cities are passing this type of humane legislation..

This will make certain that Pet Shops which sell puppies and kittens from U.S.D.A. Licensed Breeders/Brokerages will not be able to move their Pet Shop to San Clemente, and will help protect the dogs and cats stuck in cages for their entire lives in these breeding operations..

Send a clear message that San Clemente is humane and we care about protecting what is right.

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