Help Rightsize and Relocate the proposed 200-bed Embarcadero Navigation Center

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Help us stop the proposal and tell Supervisor Haney, the Port Authority Commissioners and Mayor Breed to work with the community to build a new plan that we can all support.

The Mayor's proposal to put a 200-bed Homeless Navigation Center on the Embarcadero between Brannan and Bryant is not good for the homeless or for the neighborhood.

Stopping this plan will create an opportunity for a collaborative effort between the neighborhood and the city government.


1. Too big  and contrary to City's Own Guidelines – The SF City Administrative Code specifies centers have fewer than 100 beds, and both the City Controller’s evaluation of navigation center performance and the City Services Auditor report state that small size was critical to success.  We are breaking a proven concept

2. The Location is Not Aligned with the Waterfront Plan and the Community Needs - Touted as temporary, it is a massive modular and tent complex right on the Embarcadero that will be there for 4 years. The proposed location will disrupt the neighborhood livability, and will block the connection between the neighborhood and the waterfront. The plan is overkill for our neighborhood’s homelessness needs, and instead will introduce more homeless into our community increasing safety risks, health risks and crime, rather than reducing them.

3. Delays Much Needed Permanent Solutions - The proposed site, Seawall Lot 330, is highly visible, prize property and along with Piers 30/32 should be developed sooner for the benefit of the entire community, including permanent affordable housing solutions. This plan delays permanent solutions in favor of a bed-count goal. Without permanent housing the navigation centers are crippled. In addition, the proposed plan delays much needed repairs for Piers 30/32 to prevent catastrophic failure in case of an earthquake.


Give your support to stop the proposed plan and cause the Mayor's office to involve the community in the development of a new plan that is better for the homeless and the neighborhood because its the right size, the right location and the right land use for the Embarcadero.

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