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We want VT Volunteer Services for Animals Humane Society (VVSA) to be awarded a contract to administer the VT Spay Neuter Incentive Program (VSNIP) as the Fiscal Agent for the program

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  • The VSNIP program is only now addressing applicants that requested vouchers in April of 2014, due to the fact that  funds were mismanaged. For fiscal year 2014, the program was $10,000 in the red (per VTDigger). There are over 600 applicants on the waiting list.
  • State law requires a third-party contractor to administer VSNIP; however since DCF became illegally responsible for the administration of the program, VSNIP has not been sustainable, leaving countless dogs and cats unneutered.
  • Although the program collects approximately $250,000 yearly through dog licensing fees, countless dogs and cats, in Vermont, are going unneutered for no justifiable reason.
  • Animal populations have drastically increased and unless this program is reinstated and run responsibly, we will quickly negate all the progress made since the program first began serving the public in 1986 under VVSA.

VSNIP evolved out of VVSA’s statewide spay and neuter program. VVSA administered the VSNIP program for the first six years with complete fiduciary responsibility. With VVSA’s experience and long-term dedication, they are very well suited to act as the Fiscal Agent to get VSNIP back on track and serving the public again.
Before the VT Agency of Agriculture relinquished oversight of VSNIP to DCF, payments to veterinarians were reconciled by VVSA as the administrator. Once the Agency of Agriculture rerouted payments to the state for reconciliation, the ability of the administrator to know what funds were available for use by the public was completely thwarted.
During the seven years that VVSA administrated the program; over 15,500 vouchers were approved, and mailed back within 48 hours. Applicants that were denied were provided with alternative resources. VVSA ran VSNIP with dedication to detail and a genuine concern for the well being of the public and the animals for which it served.
Vermonters are asked to support this petition to get VSNIP’s administration back over to VVSA, who has successfully and responsibly acted as a fiscal agent of the program for several years.
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