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Help Remove Special Interest Groups from the Federal Government: Sign No Confidence Referendum

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The premeditated abuse of money and power in the Federal Government by special interest groups is a hostile and exploitative act upon the American People. It is a principle cause of the unconscionable levels of:

domestic incarceration, international warmongering, corruption, deception, invasion of personal privacy, surveillance, and secrecy in and by the Federal Government.

It also emasculates efforts to create just laws, as determined by the People, concerning controversial issues such as health care, reproduction, the environment, corporate accountability, taxation, education funding, immigration, war on drugs, and anti-discrimination.

Such abuse undermines the principles of our republican government, including equality of all people, and popular sovereignty whereby the government receives, and is limited by, the power given to it by the people. Instead, this unremitting abuse has turned our Republic into a plutocracy, whereby minorities of wealthy people and groups control our Federal Government and use its power to further their aims and increase their wealth and power at the expense of the People.

No meaningful long-term change in our government can take place as long as this incessant abuse of money and power in politics continues.

This No Confidence Referendum is a poll of U.S. Citizens to provide them with a direct means to publicly declare their deep sense of frustration, upset, and concern with--and feeling of disenfranchisement from--the Federal Government because of such exploitation by special interest groups.

This People's non-binding Referendum will not, in itself, convince members of the Federal Government who have sold their political souls to special interest groups to make efforts to stop the influence of such groups. Even so, we want to use it as a tool to unite like-minded people, to create one of many parallel political initiatives to strengthen our democratic practices, and to draw the attention of the media.

Rather than sending the petition updates to members of a government that elicits little or no confidence, they will go to members of the media who have demonstrated courage in independent thinking and investigative reporting.

This Referendum was not created to help or hinder any political party, incumbent, or candidate, and is not intended to influence anyone regarding their decision to vote or not. Rather, it is an effort to reclaim essential democratic principles in our political state, and to encourage engagement in politics beyond simply voting or not voting for political-party candidates during election season and beyond.

This is done on behalf off all People who support Liberty, Equality, and Justice in the United States.



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