Help rabbits and foxes slaughtered for fur at Piperlime stores

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Help rabbits and foxes slaughtered for fur at Piperlime stores

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Started by Sarah Maddux

I was so upset when I saw an ad on Facebook advertising real fur at Piperlime! I did some research and found this women's fashion company, owned by Gap Inc, is selling several products made from dead foxes and rabbits. These innocent creatures are beaten, electrocuted, or have their heads and necks stepped on. Animals killed for the fur industry are often skinned alive!

How can Piperlime justify such cruelty for a fashion statement? Please sign my petition to demand Piperlime to stop selling fur.

Animals on fur factory farms live in small, dirty cages with very little room to move and exhibit their natural behaviors. They are forced to suffer through extreme heat and cold. Due to poor veterinary care and almost nonexistent animal welfare laws, animals must often live with broken limbs or in cages with other dead animals prior to meeting their horrific deaths.

When I reached out to Piperlime's parent company, Gap Inc., they said: "We prohibit the use of angora and real fur in products designed by or manufactured for Gap Inc. brands." But they then went on to say other designers' products sold at their Piperlime stores "follow their own policies," and they don't seem to have any problem with that. What kind of illogical corporate PR statement in that?

To make matters worse, it appears they are unlawfully selling this fur because it's labeled as "real" fur, but does not list the country of origin. The Fur Products Labeling Act considers this false and deceptive advertising because it "does not show the name of the country of origin of any imported furs or those contained in a fur product."

It is appalling that retailers like Piperlime are willing to capitalize on the needless suffering of innocent creatures just to make a profit. I am normally a big fan of Gap, but if Gap Inc and Piperlime think they can get away with selling these products of misery, they are wrong.

Please tell Piperlime that their willingness to promote fur items in their Fall line is cruel, ignorant, and entirely unacceptable. 

photo: Jo-Anne McArthur for Animal Equality

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 51,982 supporters!

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