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Petitioning Florida State Attorney Frank George

Help put Torey's Murderer behind bars FOR LIFE!

We need to give a voice to Torey Vincent Dymond jr. and with everyones help we will achieve the best we can. Torey was an innocent little child at only the age of 17 months old and was taken away from everything.. This man doesn't deserve the right to be a free man ever. Help us give this man what he deserves because Torey didn't deserve any of this.


February 14, 2012 we got the news that Torey V. Dymond Jr. had been beaten to the point were he had a 0% chance of living. He had severe brain damage and bruising all over, there are more details but I don't want to get into that (too disturbing). He was attacked by a monster who was in a relationship with the mother of the boy. Torey was 17 months old February 15, 2012 when they pulled the life support plug and let him rest in peace. His grandmother stood by his side over him while he laid in the hospital bed. She bathed him, talked to him, read him stories and made sure he was comfortable even though she said she didn't feel him there. It was the hardest time we've ever really gone through and it still is one of the hardest things to move on with. The memories we have left of Torey are our inspirations to be happy knowing that he had a good life and he was always happy. He lives through us all in our everyday lives. We watch his videos, look at his pictures, and think of his laugh and smile all the time. His grandmother has all of his toys and clothes everything that he ever owned is in her bedroom because it was too hard for her to let go. She loved him like her own son and she took care of him like her son. Her grandson meant the world to her enough to the point were she begged for full custody over him. Torey was taken to his home with his mother and her boyfriend a week before he was pronounced dead. He took Torey for a walk and when he came home Torey was purple and blue and lifeless as the mother described. The man never admited to hurting Torey but said that "He had a fight with the concrete", "He was sleeping", "He was whiny kid" and "He fell forwards stricking his head on the concrete twice". It was a disturbing thing for us all to hear especially when the evidence and injuries didn't add up to his story. Torey had severe brain damage and extensive injuries that lead to his death and this monster said he did nothing. It was reported aggravated child neglect which is what the monster was arrested on but then when they did the Autopsy report it was listed as a Homicide. He was then charged with First Degree murder, manslaughter of a child, aggravated child neglect, but that's not all his charges went from Death Penatly down to 70 years and now he wants to plea bargain with 35 or less years, and since we don't have our own lawyer they might take his plea bargain even if we say no. We are still traumatized by the actions that took place in February of 2012 and the lies of a MONSTER that broke all of hearts.

We are trying to give Torey a voice and make sure he has his own lawyer. They gave him a State lawyer and they aren't representing Torey they are representing the State of Florida. We don't have enough money to make sure Torey gets a good lawyer that will help put this man away for a long time so he can never do this to another little child ever again. Please help us give him a voice for his own and not just for the whole State of Florida.

Letter to
Florida State Attorney Frank George
This petition was made in the name of Torey Vincent Dymond Jr.

Torey is no longer with us in person but he is with us at heart. He is missed and loved by many as you can well see and this man you have in jail waiting for his day to come out and see the new sun rise is someone who should be locked away for life. These people care about Torey and know that he was hurting when this man laid his hands on him. The fear in Torey's eyes and in his mind must have been awful. Someone he trusted to protect him took his life and made sure everyone who loved Torey was miserable for the rest of our lives. This man does not deserve to get a plea bargain or anything along the lines. But first listen to the cries of thousands for Torey trying to give him the voice he no longer has then you can decide this monsters fate but only after you see how many people he has hurt. Let these people show you this man is not fit to be running the streets ever again because he will harm another child.

God Bless You All
Torey's Family & Friends

Thank you so much!