Protect Thurgoona Trees, NSW

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Another sub-division is planned for Thurgoona (The Elms Stage 8.2) where all vegetation present will be completely cleared for housing. These 325 mature trees (see tree photographs here) were planted 30-40 years ago to rehabilitate the bare paddocks that existed when the suburb of Thurgoona was started. Alongside these mature trees are younger saplings which make up a multi-storey canopy. In many areas of Thurgoona these planted trees are the only trees remaining.

Why is this happening?

Since gaining Biocertification from the NSW State Government, Albury City Council has adopted a policy of allowing developers to completely remove all trees, including original hollow bearing paddock trees, from residential zoned land. This has occurred in many recently approved developments in Thurgoona. As a consequence there are large blocks of new houses without any mature trees to be seen. This policy is supported by the NSW State Government native vegetation clearing laws.

Why this matters?

These trees are habitat for the threatened species in Thurgoona (Squirrel glider and Regent Honeyeater) and the locally declining woodland bird community. Approval of this tree removal goes against the commitment of Albury City Council to Sustainable Living and the high value put on the natural environment by the Thurgoona Community. Keeping these trees as a public open space will allow the trees and the local wildlife to co-exist with the new residents in this development.

Do you agree council should STOP this tree removal?