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Help Protect the American Pika from Global Warming

Earlier this year, federal officials made up their minds: Yes, the American pika was threatened by extreme temperatures caused by climate change--but no, they would not be giving the pika endangered species status.

So, it's up to you to make sure the pika has a fighting chance.

The American pika is moving higher and higher into the Rocky Mountains to escape the heat. In fact, reports say 6 out of 25 known pika populations have already disappeared.

You can help the American pika survive global warming by speaking up for strong climate and clean energy legislation today.


Letter to
U.S. Senate
I’m a constituent of your state, concerned about the future of our country's wildlife and natural resources, I urge you to support strong climate and clean energy legislation.

Wildlife like the American pika are already feeling the heat of global warming. Right now, the pika's populations are dropping dramatically as a result of rising temperatures induced by climate change.

In addition to being a boon for our economy, the move towards addressing climate change with clean energy solutions, will help protect diverse American wildlife and natural resources for future generations.

Please don’t wait to pass this critical legislation. We’re reaching a tipping point, not just for our wildlife, but for our own communities.

Your voice of support and vote will make the difference.

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