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Help Protect Our Cats - CITE CAT ABANDONERS!

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Trapping and then abandoning cats has become an all too common occurrence.  A neighbor, a person working at a company, or anyone who takes a dislike to a cat for some reason then decides to trap and abandon it somewhere.   The cat is then left to die slowly of starvation or dehydration in a strange area far from the only home they have ever known and their food source and loved ones.     They are disoriented and start searching immediately for their home and often are killed running across the first road they encounter.   Another fate that the abandoned cat frequently suffers is to be torn apart by coyotes  or other wildlife.  One of the worst things that can happen to an abandoned cat is to end up as dog fight training bait, where they are tortured before dying in horrible ways.  Statistically, most trapped animals never make it to a shelter as required by law and yet the uncaring and cruel people who commit animal abandonment never get cited.  Why are there city ordinances against animal abandonment if no one enforces them? 

Recent Case:   On March 4th Bowtie a sweet, tame, micro-chipped cat was trapped by Linnie McIntyre at Musson Theatrical  a company in Santa Clara, California.  She did not take Bowtie to any shelter as is required by law for all trapped animals and his whereabouts and condition remain unknown today.  Bowtie didn't deserve this cruel fate.  He was a gentle talkative soul who we would hear long before we saw him.  He loved people and would follow them around like a dog and purr the entire time.  He touched the lives of many and  is loved and missed by them every day.  His empty bowl is a constant reminder of the cruelty that some people are capable of. 

For three months we have been working with two different Police Departments (Santa Clara and Milpitas) and two different Animal Control agencies (San Jose Animal Control Services and Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority) in an effort to get Ms. McIntyre cited for animal abandonment and to compel her to give useful information on whether Bowtie is still alive and/or where to start a search for him.    Sadly, we don’t even know where to post a reward flyer.

We have been advised by some of the above government agencies that as citizens we need to take this important issue to the District Attorney’s Office for Santa Clara and essentially do their job to raise awareness to get animal abandoners cited.  To reach that goal we need the help of every cat and animal loving person out there.   Please show your caring and support for all cats by signing this petition and If you have experienced cat abandonment please share your story so we may raise awareness and document for the District Attorney’s Office. 

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