Help people travel back home from being locked down in Argentina

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Thousands of European nationals and residents are facing big financial troubles, being locked in Argentina after its Government announced that commercial flights will be banned until 1st of September, in an attempt to deal with the crisis that COVID-19 brought to the country.
Argentina has declared full quarantine in 19th of March and since then, everybody is in mandatory isolation. It has been a month and a half for hundred of EU citizens living in a stressful situation, seeing their flights being postponed five to six times with no answers from the airlines or Embassies about a real date to return back to their homes.

European embassies have organized successful repatriation flights but unfortunately many of us remain stranded. The numbers keep growing, as more flights get cancelled every week, over 2000 people are still waiting for a chance to cross the ocean. We are loosing hope, we feel abandoned. We are said that we must wait.

In the desperation after the first cancellations, many of us have bought tickets with other airlines that promised us to refund our money in case our flights got cancelled, we haven't yet seen a penny.
Repatriation flights are offered to us at prices above 1500€ from Buenos Aires to Europe, a sum that most of us cannot cover as we are already paying for an extension of our trip that wasn't in our plans. This situation keeps families divided, grandparents alone in the other continent, many of us are about to loose our jobs in the EU, most of us keep paying for rent and services there and we don't even have winter clothes to survive until September (most of the shops remain closed and transit is not allowed to shop far away from our place of stay).

We ask for an answer from the European Union External Action (EEAS) to support our countries in organizing more repatriation flights with flexible payment policies and prices we can afford.

We have no doubts that European countries can work together to build an agreement to assist its citizens and nationals in this challenging situation.

Please help us signing this petition and sharing it with your friends.

Help us come back to our husbands, wives, parents, partners, son and daughters, we miss our homes and we feel desperate for a solution.

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