Help People Heal

Help People Heal

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Why this petition matters

Started by Amanda Benson

My Name is Kelly Gee. I live here at Cedar Valley Stables and our purpose is to “Help People Heal”. We do this through equine therapy. We have two non-profit organizations that operate at the Stables. Wasatch Peak Vaulters and Angles Landing Foundation. Both boarders and members of these organizations refer to the Stables as a Little Slice of Heaven.

In 2019 a road was constructed along our north property line.We have existing buildings and fences that were built on the property line long before Eagle Mountain became a city. The edge of pavement of the new road was constructed within 20 feet from our fences and buildings. The proximity of the road to our facility is a major safety concern and takes away from our ability to Help People Heal because they feel unsafe when using our facility. 

Since the opening of the road and because of the wide-openrural feel of the area, we have had significant safety and noise problems with high vehicle speeds and aggressive driving.Others and I have witness semi’s speed through the stop-controlled intersection at speeds over 60 MPH. I have seen cars and trucks travel at speeds over 100 MPH on this road.

Over the last two years members of both Wasatch Peak Vaulters and Angles Landing Foundation have been to City Council Meetings requesting that the speeds be controlled, and safety improvements be made to the roadway. I have spoken personally to the Mayor and other City officials concerning unsafe conditions of the roadway to the extent that they remind me of my legal rights when I attend City Meetings and will no longer return my phone calls. I have felt so strongly about the safety of the road that I blocked the intersection with my truck and hay trailer shutting the roadway down for a couple of hours. I have also worked tirelessly with the County Sheriff’s Department to patrol the roadway. Despite mine and others best efforts the patrolling of the roadway has been limited because of legal constraints and no safety improvements have been made to the roadway.

I feel like the City is saying we have placed a loaded gun on the Stables front doorstep but when it goes off it’s not the City’sfault. 

On May 2, 2022 a speeding vehicle left the roadway and went through 4 fences before killing two children under the age of five at the stables. We all morn with the families who lost their children. Let’s not repeat this tragedy.

Hopefully we can learn from this tragedy and create positive change that will enable us to continue to “Help People Heal”. The purpose of this petition is to request that Eagle Mountain City make the following changes:

  1. Work with the County to get the legal constraints changed so the road can be patrolled.
  2. Work with the County Sheriff to make sure the road is patrolled regularly.
  3. Improve the roadside safety by doing one or more of the following:
    a. Shut down the road. 
    b. Relocate the road 50’ to the north. 
    c. Put up noise and safety barrier to protect pedestrians, horses and private property from errant vehicles and excessive vehicle noise. 
  4. Shut down the road until measures 1, 2 & 3 are implemented. 
    All those who sign this petition support these changes.

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877 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!