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Grant a Variance from all Permit Requirements for Orange Acres and DROP the Lawsuit

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Orange Acres needs your help!

As many of you know Orange Acres has given hundreds of people a free place to stay. Many are veterans, at risk youth, and people chasing their dreams on a tight budget, some are broke and starting over in life, some need friends and family and spiritual support.

Missoula County has sued us for daily fines totaling over a million dollars for helping people for free, they have lied to us over and over again, telling us:

we could not give people free food like the foodbank does,

we could not let people park RVs overnight like walmart and truckstops do,

we could build guest cabins on skids but could not have rvs, (then sued us for it)

we could connect our buildings and make one big house,sold us a permit then revoked it,

we could not connect our buildings with a hallway,(it has to have rooms)

we could not have 2 kitchens in one house.

Every time we prove one lie false they make up a new one.

They have now decided that because our neighbor floods his land for 2 weeks in the summer to water his hay, that our land is unbuildable and unsuitable for a septic system, they admit the home should never of been allowed on the property due to State health laws.

Though our research we have discovered that the county illegally approved our property and the septic system in 1995, the county had permitted exactly what the county was suing us for! Their illegal actions constitute daily fines totaling over $6.5 million dollars which state law say they are responsible for, which we are now asking the court to award us in a counter lawsuit.

We have tried to work with the county, and spent over $1500 in permits which they have revoked without refund.

We have asked the Missoula County Commissioners and the Governor for help, and they have done nothing.

We believe the County is discriminating against us because of our religion, and because we let the poor and people of other races and religions stay with us.

We believe it is our constitutional right to freedom of religion to help those in need, Please share and sign our petition so we can continue helping others.


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