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Help Ms. Hwang!

Ms. Hwang is a wife and the mother of two U.S. citizen children who are only 11 and 3 years old.  She currently awaits deportation simply because she tried to renew her driver’s license in order to take her kids to school and shop for groceries.  At the DMV, she was arrested and has been in jail since November 2011, separated from her children. For more information, please see the 'Petition Letter' tab. 

Please join the MinKwon Center for Community Action and take action immediately to reunite Ms. Hwang with her family!



1. Sign the Petition

Please sign the petition and ask all of your contacts to do the same. You can also share the petition and action alert with your friends on Facebook/Twitter. 


2. Make a Call

Please call ICE Newark Field Office Director John Tsoukaris  – (973) 776-3220

Sample Script:  "I am calling to ask ICE to lift the detainer on Keong Sook Hwang [Date of Birth: March 6, 1973].   Ms. Hwang is a contributing member of her community and provides for her two U.S. citizen children.  Don't deport Ms. Hwang."


3. Give to Reunify Ms. Hwang’s family

At least $5,000 in bail must be raised to release Ms. Hwang from jail.  Please consider making a donation to reunite Ms. Hwang with her husband and children.

To make a donation, please click here. In the "Designate your donation to a specific program or fund" section, please write "Help Ms. Hwang".


About the MinKwon Center for Community Action

The MinKwon Center for Community Action was established in 1984 to meet the needs and concerns of the Korean American community through our five program areas: Community Organizing and Advocacy, Social Services, Civic Participation, Youth, and Culture.  Since our founding, we have made a profound presence in the Korean American community through various grassroots organizing, education, and advocacy initiatives that address important community issues, including immigration policies at the national, state and city levels, voter rights, and cultural awareness.


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