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Help me prevent selling of rabbit heads and skins on Etsy

I am asking all of you to help me stop Etsy allow their merchants to sell and advertise cruel and unethical products such as rabbit skins and heads or "masks" like one of the sellers call it.  It came to my attention that a seller on Etsy that goes by the name Fibersall sells rabbit masks in the roundspotted hair. These seller claims that rabbits that are beheaded are treated with respect before they are killed for meat, but the heads  of rabbits for sale like angora for example do not come from breeds that are used for meat. The heads that are sold for $20 are heads of real rabbits who are incredibly affectionate creatures and who do not deserve their heads taken off for proffit or being skinned for someone to make proffit off of their misery. Please help me get through to Etsy, and ban sellers like Fibersall from Etsy and any other website that they might sell this monstrosity from. The owned of this Fibersall shop showed no compasion for animals but sees them as means of proffit, here is a link to the article just to give you a little more information on the owner of the Fibersall:

 Pledge to not buy anything from Etsy or do any kind of business with Etsy untill they ban the selling of rabbit heads and skins on their website!

All together we can make a difference, we won't change the whole world, but we will change the world of these poor animals. Thank you for speaking up on behalf of those who do not have a voice!

Letter to
Etsy Marketplace integrity Etsy
Thank you so much for signing the petition asking Etsy to stop selling rabbit heads and skins on their website.
The purpose of this petition is to ban sales of fur, heads and other cruel animal products on Etsy. It came to my attention that the seller named Fibersall is selling rabbit "masks" which are the dried up skulls of poor animals, this seller also sells rabbit skins.
Thank you for standing up for the animals and speaking up for them.


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