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HELP ME GET MY KIDS BACK!!! Domestic Violence/Restraining order fraud!

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After living in 3 countries and coming to US in 2001, and becoming a US citizen in 2006 in hopes to find the EXEMPLARY justice, freedom and equality systems... I am shocked with the latest events that took place in my life…

Today is almost exactly 3 months –since I don’t have my kids because my husband decided that ONLY he deserves the kids after my request for a peaceful  ( according to NC laws 50/50 kids, assets and debts) separation!

On November 12th of 2016 I told my husband I wanted to peacefully separate from him.

On November 14th my husband purchased guns for $4,600, put my phone number for a pick up person, and claimed to the authorities that I told him that I was “scared” of  the old guns in our house. The only thing that I was really concerned about then I called him that day after receiving a purchase invoice in my email inbox from Cabela’s was WHY would he purchase  SO many guns while we are separating, and WHY did he put my phone number for a pick up person ( I have an audio/video file with the recording of the call).  His response was that he’ll change the pick-up person’s phone number, and the only thing he was able to respond in regards to the amount of guns, was him telling me about the purchase prior… which “yes” he did, but not while we both know we are separating.

In his own words (which are written on a Complaint and Motion for Domestic Violence Protective Order), in order to prevent Elena (myself) from trying to make a false claim against me (my husband), which he claimed, made him feel scared of me, and  made him to  believe I am a  threat to him and to our wonderful two boys (Andrew – 10 years old, and Michael - 8 years old)…,so he asked a deputy to remove from our marital property the old guns (from which only one is mine, the one I used more than 10 years ago for hunting, while I was still hunting, which was locked in our wooden gun cabinet ever since) and ammunition, which he kept buying excessively because of his fear that Democrats will ban the guns.

While the deputy with my husband were picking up the guns and ammunition, I was using a bathroom…it only  took a few minutes and they left. The only question I heard as being asked, was my husband asking of the location of the ammunition, which I told him, I DO NOT know where the ammunition is, since I wasn’t the person who purchased it…

My husband didn’t stop there, he went ahead and called 911 right after the first deputy left, stating he is scared to go into the house with our kids.  Scared of what?! I am not an intimidating person, I am a loving mom, who puts her kids as a priority ALL the time!

Deputies should be guided to listen to the explanation of the situation from both involved sides…and NOT just blindly believing the accusing side!

So, only because I wanted to peacefully separate from my husband, I DON'T HAVE MY KIDS!!!

My husband, who hardly took any part in uplifting of our kids from their infancy thru the youth years, now after providing slander information to the authorities gets all the privilege of having OUR kids ALL to himself!!!


 AND STOP THE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROTECTION FRAUD by updating the outdated procedures!!!

Thank you!


Elena Fitterer


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