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Arsenic has been called the King of Poisons. Unfortunately, it is also a common additive in poultry feed. While the supposed benefits of this practice are unproven, the detrimental effects are all too clear. Arsenic is a known carcinogen and can contribute to heart disease, diabetes, mental deterioration, and more. Even tiny doses can, over time, build up to cause life-threatening problems.

Feeding arsenic to chickens doesn't just hurt you when you eat the meat. It also means that the waste from the factory farms and processing plants is laden with the poison. These wastes are then sprayed over agricultural lands where the toxins seep into the water supply, poisoning the people a second time as well as everything in the environment.

Maryland is the 7th largest poultry producer in the country. Democratic legislators there have introduced a bill that would ban this ridiculous and dangerous practice. Sign the petition and tell the Maryland State Congress to support this bill and ban arsenic in poultry feed!

Photo: Shawn Rossi via Flickr

Letter to
Maryland State House
Maryland State Senate
Maryland Governor
I am writing to ask that you support the Maryland ban on using arsenic in poultry feed. Arsenic is one of the most infamous poisons out there, and it has no place in our food supply.

Trace levels of arsenic, such as those currently found in 55 percent of grocery store chicken and 100 percent of fast food chicken according to the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, have been proven to be deadly dangerous. Arsenic causes cancer and contributes to heart disease, diabetes, mental deterioration, and many other life-threatening illnesses.

Furthermore, waste from poultry plants and poultry houses inevitably finds its way into the environment. It is typically sprayed over agricultural fields where it quickly pollutes the waterways, including the Chesapeake Bay, where it is not only a danger to wildlife and the environment, but it poisons us a second time through the water supply.

The supposed benefits of feeding arsenic to chickens is completely unfounded and unproven. The dangers of this practice are not. Please support this commonsense ban. Stop letting poultry producers put arsenic in their feed.

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