HELP make the Canadian Judicial System accountable for our Childrens Rights and Freedoms.

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Scharstein Gibbings Walen and Fisher LLP believes it is right to perjur in the court of law to protect Child Abuser's. I believe no matter your stature in this Country you should be held accountable, now this does not mean you do not have the right to make decisions on the evidence. But it does mean the decisions you make are backed by evidence that reasonably justify the decision. This if held correctly keeps everyone accountable and true and does not allow ones stature to be used as they please without consequence. I beleive our Canadian Justice system must be held accountable for their decisions that they make without evidence in front of the court. Justices that fabricate evidence, Lie on there orders and go against court rules and case law to help Child Abusers should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. These are some of the Justices in my case that have helped a Child Abuser and falsified evidence. Which in turn is corrupting our court and abusing our children.

1- G.V Goebels - Does not even look at my sons Child Abuse when she orders the Child Custody and Access Assessment. G.V Goebels had the time dated pictures doctors notes showing the bruises and abuse on my son. G.V Goebels as a Queen's Bench Justice then tried to overule an Appeal's Court ruling not once but twice in Favour of my ex-wife that was abusing my son. This all occured as her husband Craig Goebels was the head of Legal Aid Saskatchewan. My former lawyer Johnathan Stockdale previously worked for  legal Aid. He sent withdrawl papers to Richard Gibbings and it was stated that Johnathan Stockdale was told by Social Services that Richard Gibbons Represented Leah Barth. This was when Robert Feist represented the Ministry of Social Services in there case against Leah Barth. Richard Gibbons and Robert Feist are from the same law firm Norsask Law, thus by this statement they were Dual Representing as they were representing both sides of the same case. This is against all Law Society Rules and is a Breach of Confidentiality, this was all done to protect a Child Abuser.

2-Justice Wilkinson- Falsifying evidence on Child Custody Order. Going against time dated pictures of my sons abuse and doctors notes. Going against the very noted abuse in the Social Services own sworn affidavit, backing a Child Abuser. Justice Wilkinson also had before her evidence such as the three different explanations for my son's bruises. These three different explanations were sworn under oath.

1- My son was stated to be jumping on the bed at his grandparents hit his head on a cousins knee then ran into the wall.

2- Then was stated to the RCMP that he ran into another kid at another daycare.

3- In my ex-wife's own sworn affidavit then states my son did not have bruises on him on November 20th 2018 when she picked him up and just as she had been told it was all alleged.

This all being said when Love and Laughter daycare themselves state they saw the bruises on my son on November 8th 2018. They made an incident report and my ex told the daycare that she had hit my son. For which evidence in the Child Custody and Access Assessment by Marla Rauser stated she was being investigated by the RCMP and Social Services for that very incident. The Child Custody and Access Assessment by Marla Rauser is shown to be blatantly biased in favour for the Child Abuser and contains many falsified facts which favour the Child Abuser. If you have had Marla Rauser do an assessment or know someone that has and it does not seem right I would have it checked. I have heard of other cases also in regards to false misleading reports put into the court from Marla Rauser. The only way to prove these accusations is to write in about it to the head Social Services regulating branch. Those cases i have heard about are just statements heard from people and ussually some truth is always hidden in what's said. Even if they are just statements they are highly disturbing and should be looked into. But mine i can and know it was done with bias to help my ex the Child Abuser as facts in the document itself shows this fact. The RCMP that investigated it was Shannon Haggarty, who was on the daycare board at Love and Laughter with my ex-wife at the time when she investigating the incident. How do you investigate an incident at Love and Laughter daycare when you are a board member and how do you investigate a fellow board member. As stated by RCMP themselves in there own report it was not investigated correctly under Child Abuse Protocol by David Sanderson head of Division.  Instead Justice Wilkinson falsify's evidence on her court order and by doing so puts my son at risk and backs a Child Abuser. Even though within the RCMP Commission reports themselves show Cst Park falsified evidence in regard to my sons abuse to cover up the incident. If you are familiar with Cst Park's name, yes he is the same RCMP involved in the Colten Boushie case for which the RCMP Commission reports is still pending. If Cst Park falsified evidence in my case leads me to believe he did in that case also by showing of actions. There is also one other interesting thing that I have heard about RCMP Cst Park his Uncle is said to be Chief Justice M.D Popescul the Justice on the Colten Boushie case. i have written Justice M.D Popescul  many times regarding my case and he won't do anything as stated in his letters i have received from him. This was all done to protect a Child Abuser and Justin Trudeau wonders why Canadians are unhappy with there Justice System and the RCMP. When Trudeau has these facts and does nothing himself to stop our Children from being abused.

3- Justice Crooks- Ruled on her previous ruling, to uphold her previous ruling which was against the rules of the court. Ruled against my rights as a father under section 15-(1) of the Canadian Rights and Freedoms act. All to help out a Child Abuser and help Social Services give my son to the abusive mother. Social Services also gave my son to Leah Barth on September 17th 2019 and as stated in the Social Services affidavit of Leslie Malo, Leah Barth was being investigated by Social Services and the RCMP Until Dec 3rd 2019. As stated in the Social services Act itself the Child Can only be given back if Social Services has no concern with the Parent. Being that my ex-wife was being investigated until Dec 3rd 2019 by Social Services and the Rcmp, Social Services had concerns with Leah Barth. Social Services went against there own Child and Family Act when they gave my son to Leah Barth.

4- Justice Smith- Ruling and making orders infront of the court without any evidence infront of the court to make such orders. When it was stated to him he must rule off of the evidence infront of the court "he stated if I say it is it is". He then let opposing counsel right up the Court Order. This is all done to protect a Child Abuser and Counsel representing a Child Abuser. The Counsel representing is Scharfstein Gibbings Walen and Fisher when by facts they know my ex-wife was abusing my son.

5- The Court of Queen's Bench- Lying in there court documents when i missed my hearing with Justice Dufour because my car broke down on the road. I phoned in around 9:05 stating I would be late they said they would tell the Justice as hearing started at 10:00 o'clock, Phone call is recorded and in court evidence, the Court then stated in other orders that they found out afterwards that I had missed due to car trouble. All so a Justice could rule in favour of the Child Abuser and allow my son to continually be abused.

6- The Court of Queens Bench- Itself has falsified documents on my behalf in regards to my babysitter. There is documents submitted in court that I did not submitt that have been written and falsely signed by someone else with my signature. These documents were used in a ruling to give back my babysitter's son to an abusive father. I went and checked my court records there is nothing in them in this regard and I know I did not wright them. My babysitter is sick with Covid and this is how the Justices and Courts look out for our Children in a Pandemic. Take a Child from his loving grandmother and give him back to the abusive father. On evidence that the Court itself falsified on my behalf, so please speak up for our children and those that can't because of Covid 19. Tell the Justices and Justice Minister our Children have rights and our sick have rights. I have written David lametti, Bill Blair in regards to the falsified documents on my behalf. Wrote an affidavit sworn to the Supreme Court of Canada and given copy to Queen's Bench in regard to the falsification of such documents on my behalf. Yet I have received no response as an integral Court of this country would do. If we all write in our Children will have a voice and be heard.

7- Justice Lorna Dyck-Ruled on three seperate cases regarding my ex-wife. Each case affected the other that she had ruled on all to protect a Child Abuser and fix the outcome of the case. Since she gave my son to the ex that was abusing him without a child in need of protection hearing. Based on a falsified affidavit from the Ministry of Social Services by Leslie Malo as all documents show it was falsified. Which i did not receive a copy until feb 4th 2020 from Robert Feist of Norsask Law who represented the Ministry of Social Services and hearing was on Sept 17th 2019. The disclosure when it was originaly sent to my lawyer Johnathan Stockdale on August 29th 2019 it stated on it 125 pages Ministry Social Services against my ex-wife that was abusing my son. I also was working so never saw the disclosure at all at the time I just received the E-Mail that my lawyer sent me stating the disclosure was 125 pages  against my ex- wife and it was from Robert Feist of Norsask Law. The disclosure was sent back or destroyed as it had conditions on it so i never saw it and only knew it was sent by the E-Mail that stated from my lawyer 125 pages Ministry Social Services vs my ex-wife. This is again against Canadian Rights and Freedoms Act as all disclosure must be made to the one being accused when they are accused.

8- Murray Pelletier -Out of North Battleford Provincial Court ruled on two of the cases with Lorna Dyck. They directly affected the outcome of the Previous case, this was all done to protect a Child Abuser and to fix the outcome of the case in favour of the child abuser.

9- Justice Scherman- States in his FIAT of January 3rd 2020 that my son was taken under section 11 and 37 which both require a protection hearing for which Lorna Dyck did not have when making her interim order. Justice Wilkinson then on her March 9th FIAT now states he was taken under section 17 because it does not require a protection hearing. He was also taken by Jenna Straub the Social Worker who states that the bruises and abuse occured on my son during my ex-wifes week. Jenna Straub also was accompanied by two RCMP that went into my babysitters house and helped her kidnapp my son. As there was no evidence or reason for him being taken, the only evidence was my ex-wife was abusing my son. Justice Scherman allows Norsask Law to continue to represent the Ministry even though the facts in the Leslie Malo affidavit prove it is falsified. After they breached my confidentiality and allows Scharfstein Gibbings Walen and Fisher to continue representing my ex-wife even though they breached my confidentiality and know My ex-wife was abusing my son. Just as Justice Scherman from the evidence knows my ex-wife is abusing my son. All this is done to protect a Child Abuser and give my son to the abusive mother.

These Justices as I have listed all have protected a Child Abuser, some in many cases either by falsifying evidence, ruling without evidence in front of the court but on there own accord. This has become a cancer in our Justice System these Justices as listed are abbeding Child Abuse therefore are Child Abusers themselves. When will the government take Child Abuse serious and protect our Children and stop protecting the Justices from abusing our children. Now as I stated there is good Justices ones that go by evidence and rule on it as they see fit by the evidence, but for those such as these that I have listed. If the evidence shows that they  committed a criminal act without a doubt they should be prosecuted because as being a Justice they have Broke there Oath and the trust of the public as the public trusts them to keep our most precious safe our children. The Justices are worse then the Abusers because they have the ability to stop Child Abuse but they help it and side with those that abuse children. Please write into David Lametti and Justin Trudeau if you have similar circumstances or know someone who does as the more we are heard the more things will change for our children.

More about my case is in the following petition"keeping governments  accountable during Covid brightening the outlook face it together" my case i am using for awareness so please if it strikes a chord and you know someone who has similar circumstances have them sign and wright in. This is for our Children and we must always start with one story. Please check out my other petition as it will fill in more of the details.

I would ask you? Should Law Firms such as Scharfstein Gibbings Walen and Fisher be allowed to represent a Child Abuser. When all the facts in front of the court show such Child Abuse. Such as time dated pictures, Doctors notes and statement from there client herself stating such abuse. Yet the firm itself still perjures in the court of law and defends such a Child Abuser. This is against all moral ethics of a law firm and that of a lawyer Anna Singer and Samantha Neil. Grant Scharfstein and Greg Walen also taught at University of Saskatchewan would this not go against the code of ethics of the University itself and the Law Society? I would ask you to help spread the word on lawfirms that help Abuse our Children.

Iffat Ritter of Cuelenaere LLP- Was my family lawyer when she was opposing counsel to Samantha Neil of Scharfstein Gibbings Walen and Fisher. Iffat Ritter had Brent Barilla represent her in regards to my family case when Samantha Neil was representing my ex-wife on the exact same family case. This is a Breach of Confidentiality and Breach of Contract by law. When my ex-wife falsely accused me through Shannon Haggarty, Iffat Ritter represented me even though she states she is not a "criminal lawyer" herself. So admits to committing malpractice and purjers on her court affidavit by stating she did not represent me when all the evidence shows she did. This is because she did not do as she was instructed too and my son was abused later and if she had done her job. My ex-wife would have not gotten away with the abuse. I believe lawyers should be held accountable for lying in court just as Bryden Wudrich of Cuelenaere  should be when he states that Iffat Ritter was not representing me. He puts the exact same document into appeals court and Queens Bench to state he represents Iffat Ritter. He has the same signed documents in his evidence showing Iffat Ritter is representing me. So by that fact alone Bryden Wudrich knows he is lying to the court of Appeal when he states Iffat Ritter did not represent me. Iffat Ritter also calls her husband who is a lawyer in regards to my case which you cannot legally do as Iffat Ritter even states could be a conflict problem. She states in one Appeal Court factum that she does not remember calling him and she believed that she didn't. Then in the Appeal Court factum directly filed after now states she called him while I was there but didn't discuss any confidential information. These are both sworn by Iffat Ritter in regards to the same court proceedings. Iffat once again committs perjury in the court of law, so does Bryden Wudrich when he states Iffat Ritter did not represent me in criminal case once again.

For those of us that have gone through it and and those that have seen it happen to there loved ones or friends. You feel helpless alone almost overwhelmed but togeither we can as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, guardians we can unite and have a voice for our children.

please spread the word and together we can make a change for our children. Just as it starts with one voice as when I saw a young indigenous lady lose her children for no reason. I reported it as it is wrong no matter who it has been done too, our Children are what we must stand up for, our children are the future and we must unite to protect our biggest asset and the most vulnerable our children. The Justice system, RCMP and Legal Firms must be held accountable to protect   our Children and keep our Justice system great so in the future it will still protect them and there Children. so please sign and share it with others as together we have the power to Create Change.

I would ask one question? When is it time to stand up for our children, when is it time for them to be heard. Think about it, if you feel the time is now please sign the petition and share it. Our children will thank you for giving them a voice to take there quiet whisper and make it a voice to be reconciled with.

Justin Trudeau knows about all these injustices that are occurring to our children as I have written him. He has responded but done nothing to protect our children, he speaks of how important they are to all of us Canadians as a Nation but does not support or protect them where it is needed the most and protect there right and safety in there best interest.

The diagram you see shows some of the reasons why cases go as they do in the courts. The lines show ties in my case and show as to why things occured as they did. This is a start to the whole connection and will show to be true If looked into it for yourself. It started with me connecting people togiether as my cases were being ruled on in the courts. I could not figure out how they were ruling the way they were as it was against all Supreme Court Case law and the Justices themselves were falsifying evidence to make there rulings. So after many cases and digging what you see started to form and links started to show leaving eventually what you see based off of evidence I gathered.

There is one interesting fact about all this and that is Grant Scharfstein of Scharfstein Gibbings Walen and Fisher is connected to Kenneth Sinclair Mcdonald and Trudeau's mom involved in the WE scandals name is Margaret Sinclair Trudeau. Now what questions does that bring in regards to the Judicial System in Canada? If the middle names look similar they are more than similar and same family line. William Sinclair Fitzsimmons you will you see these family lines run throughout our Judicial System and Government. Just as if you look every King or Queen in the world is related back to Queen Elizabeth as they are all off one family branch it is true if you look. G.V Goebels, R.W Elson, Lorna Dyck, Samantha Neil, Brent Barilla and Grant Scharfstein also have one thing in Common they are all family.

Just as Barth has a family tree so does The Glendinning Family and some trees are larger than others.

I appreciate the support and we will get there as one, as history shows it starts with one story and the will to persevere for what is right. Then turns to the story of many as we unite and proceed forward for one cause.

If you would like send me your stories and we can talk as I would like to help our children as much as possible and it will help us unite and move forward.

Thank You 

Tim Barth