Make SubBase Platypus a Harbourside Recreational Park.

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SubBase Platypus sits on our amazing harbour at Neutral Bay.

But Sydney Harbour Federation Trust who manage the site are spending $23M readapting 3 factories after spending $46M decontaminating the site, and turning it into a Urban Business Parks  as they now advertise in their 'For Lease'.

Sydney deserves something much better - a park with green open spaces for recreational activities.

Friends of Platypus, a community group are calling for the hulk, the Torpedo Factory to be demolished and the site made into a quality harbour-side park.

The 3 key reasons to demolish the factory and make the site a park are:

1. The increasing population density of the North Sydney residents, workers, students and tourists indicate a strong demand for  an increase in open green spaces with recreational uses, that is, a Public Park. But this site is readapted as a Urban Business Park, as now marketed by the Harbour Trust!

2. The Harbour Trust we see are NOT working in accord with the Objects of the Trust Act of 2001s6.  (managing the site as a park… providing maximum public access, ...enhancing the area…).The community have sought for the hulk/s to be demolished and green spaces created since 2007 but have being ignored by the Trust.

3. We see no sound business case, vision or planning methodology. It is a big white elephant in the making.  The Harbour Trust have advertised for Expressions of Interest (EOI) from September 2017 yet, to our understanding NO leases have yet being signed.These 3 factories have no architectural, cultural or heritage merit for keeping. No specific uses have been specified nor disclosed by the Trust and all EOI's from the Trust will be kept confidential.

Friends of Platypus have design concepts that help solve the tough site restraints of its tucked-away position with difficult access and limited parking and recreational facilities. But the Trust have ignored the community group's ideas.

We propose that the hulk, the Torpedo factory be demolished and a magnificent harbour-side park be created.