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French law imposes severe maximum penalties to protect domestic animals from cruelty & abandonment, but despite that, an uncaring 19th Century attitude towards the cat continues to prevail - while stray cat numbers soar.

More than 500 stray cat associations have been created across the 95 departments of France to reduce stray cat numbers and alleviate their suffering, but despite their best efforts, stray cat numbers in Charente Maritime continue to rise unabated, as it does in the rest of France.

Our association wants Charente Maritime to leave the 19th Century behind and adopt Trap-Neuter-Release as the only method of controlling stray cat numbers - to be the first department in France to do so - to censor brutal & unlawful behaviour - and be a beacon for the rest of France to follow.

Sign our Petition, and help France take the first big step towards becoming a CAT-FRIENDLY COUNTRY!

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