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Help make a better low-income transit pass to include all Calgarians

On Monday December 17th, 2012 the City Council will decided to include a pilot project to include youth living on low-income into the low-income transt pass program.

At the 'Community and Protective Services' Committee on December 5th, City Adminstration presented future steps on how to make City's low-income subsidies more affordable and easier to get and passed the recommendations to include youth living on low-income. 

A report on the impact of using a sliding scale and single ride discounts is expected July 2013.  In the meantime, on December 17th council still has to decide if youth are included in the program.

Fair Fares suports the study for a a proposed sliding fee scale should start at least 50% of the regular adult fare. We want to ensure families and  youth are included in the current program to to help the many people who are being left behind who cannot afford to get on the bus. 

Calgarians cannot afford the fees. Kids are staying home from school. Single parent families struggle to get to daycares and to work. Such high fees will put city services like transit and recreation out of the reach of many people and restrict access to jobs, swimming pools and health services. Our City can do better. We need to cut the red tape and make it easier for citizens living in poverty to make ends meet.

We encourage and thank the City Council for taking the next step to include youth living on low income and support the recommendations to create a simpler, more affordable fee structure . We look forward to implementing all of these changes by 2014.

Letter to
Fair Fares Calgary Fair Fares Calgary
Alderman Ward 11 and Member of SPC on Community Protective Services Alderman Brian Pincott
Alderman John Mar, Chair of SPC Community Protective Services Alderman John Mar
Dear Mr. Chair, Alderman John Mar and City Council,
Thank you for City Council's recent step to raise the eligibility rate to 100% LICO. I support a City based on dignity, fairness and equity. I support the revised report going before council on December 17th and would like to see the following changes:
1. Have one form for all of the City’s reduced fees programs and services.
2. More places to apply for the reduced fee programs.
3. Make sure all the City’s reduced fee programs start at the 100% of the poverty line. (Approved by council November 27th to go to 87.5% in 2013 and 100% 100% pre-tax low-income cut off for 2014).
4. Pay what you can: Use a sliding scale because some people have less income.
5. Start the sliding scale for transit at ½ of the adult fare.
6. Make a ‘Household pass’ to help low-income families.
7. All people who currently receive a low-income subsidy be grand parented at the rate they currently pay in 2012 for transit.
8. The reduced fees programs include people from ages 7-64.
9. A single ride reduced fee be introduced when people cannot afford a pass.

Thank you.

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