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Legalize the posting of lost pet signs on public property in the State of Florida

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Pets are not just animals, they are part of our family, and when a family member goes missing, it is the most frantic, scariest ordeals to ever have to go through. As pet owners, we took on a lifetime responsibility to keep them safe, healthy and happy. This lifetime responsibility also includes going above and beyond to find our family member if they go missing.

The number one way to find a lost pet is to post signs in the area in which the animal went missing. The problem we encounter in nearly every missing pet case is cities and counties removing our signs not long after we put them up. These Florida residents – your constituents – are being fined for posting signs of their lost pet on public property! And nearly all of our clients are more than willing to pay fines in order to find their missing loved one.

Local laws and ordinances are preventing our residents from being able to have the chance to reunite with their lost family members.

OUR SOLUTION: Preempt local governments from removing signs posted on public property if the signs are put up by pet owners desperate to find their beloved pet. We think that it would be a great idea for local governments to issue permits for the ability to post signs. This way local governments can approve signs, locations, and/or specific time periods tailored to their individual cities and counties.

More background information on this issue:

I am a licensed private investigator in the state of Florida, and my business is finding lost and stolen pets. I help my clients find their missing family members.

I have several different ways to look for and find missing pets, and the most effective ways to do this is through sign campaigns. I do not put my business information on my client’s signs, and I am not writing this to promote my business. I simply want my clients to have the opportunity to find their missing pets without cruel and unnecessary government interference.

Code enforcement has told us that we can only post signs on private property with the permission of the property owner, and at election time, as long as the signs are posted in the same places as the election signs. If politicians can post signs in order to win votes, they should allow their constituents to enjoy the same privilege any time of year - especially when they’re in a situation desperate to bring their missing loved one home.

Signs gain awareness - awareness turns into information - information turns into sightings – sightings end in a happy reunion. PLEASE LEGALIZE OUR SIGNS!

Code enforcement believes that information regarding lost pets should only be posted on social media, but not everyone has the means to post on social media. Some people may not have access to a computer or to the internet, and there are a lot of people that don’t have or use social media.

We are not selling houses for cash, advertising garage sales, or our individual businesses; we are attempting to locate our lost family members so that we can keep going on with our everyday lives. As pet owners, we cannot just replace our pets with new ones. That is not how this works. The thought of never seeing, holding, or laughing at something silly my dog or cat just did is unimaginable.

Also, please think about all of the people who cannot have kids. Their animals are their children, so we must have the freedom to find our missing pet if that situation arises. When my clients are reunited with their lost pet, their life goes back to normal.

The relationships that I have seen my clients make through helping their neighbors find their lost pets are absolutely amazing. I have seen communities come together when a pet is missing. The selflessness that strangers show one another in times of need turn into lifelong friendships. I have seen neighbors go out of their way to help each other, and it is a completely wonderful experience.

Signs gain awareness, which turns into information, which turns into sightings that almost always end with a reunion. Please give your constituents a chance to find their missing family members – not just during election season.



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