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Why should you sign this petition?
Signing this petition will help keep a historic building in a historic town. This petition will let the Epsicopal Diocese of North Carolina know that although St. Philip's does not have a congregation, it has a community. 

In deconstructing St. Philip's Episcopal Church, a beautiful, sacred building, the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina will take an irreplaceable, identifying community landmark away from Germanton, NC's main street, and the Diocese's actions will strip an architecturally significant building of its designation in the National Register of Historic Places.

The move will irreversibly alter the town and the building, but a local nonprofit, Friends of St. Philip's, is ready to support the Diocese in maintaining the building or to take over stewardship of the building. 

Why did this problem arise?
St. Philip's never had a sustainable congregation, but until recently, the building was used for annual Thanksgiving Day and St. Philip's Day services. The local population, most of whom are not Episcopalian, has watched over the building, and for over a century, it has been a prominent roadside edifice that identifies the town.

In 2011, Bishop Michael Curry and the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina decided to consider moving the 19th-century sanctuary of St. Philip's Episcopal Church from its original location in Germanton, NC to another congregation's property ninety miles away, in Chapel Hill, NC.

The Diocese made this decision without addressing its neighborly responsibility to the local community of Germanton. Such a move could be conceived because the church does not have a congregation. It does, however, have a community, and this community has organized a nonprofit to care for the building or to help the Diocese care for the building.

Please add your signature and ask the Diocese to reverse this decision out of consideration for the people who live alongside St. Philip's and out of respect for our state's architectural record. 

Letter to
Bishop Michael Curry and the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina
We the undersigned urge the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina to reconsider and reverse their decision to dismantle and move St. Philip's Episcopal Church to Orange County, North Carolina. The church's presence in Germanton is of vital importance to the historical and architectural integrity of the building and the community it was built to serve. The Friends of St. Philip's Church promises its full support (financial and otherwise) to the Episcopal Church to maintain St. Philip's Church in Germanton. The Friends of St. Philip's also promises to be ready to take over stewardship of the building should the Diocese approve. As a steward, Friends of St. Philip's promises to use the building as a community worship center, to use it reverently, to maintain it, and to preserve the historical significance of the building.

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