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Help keep plastics out of our oceans!

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We have an environmental disaster that is quietly happening to one of Canada’s greatest natural heritages … our lakes, rivers and oceans.

Plastic is everywhere. It makes up the bags at our grocery stores and the lids of our coffee cups. But most of us don’t think about where these plastic items go when we’re through with them.

Unfortunately, these plastics are making their way into our waterways, lakes, rivers and eventually into our oceans. It is now common for us to find species that have been negatively affected by plastic pollution, some become entangled and others  ingest plastic (mistaking it for a food source).

The Canadian Wildlife Federation has always found strength in its supporters; we need your support on this issue!

Plastic Oceans Foundation Canada has joined us in supporting this petition to draw awareness to this serious issue. Their efforts both on a national and international scale, particularly through their documentary “A Plastic Ocean”, are crucial. We have a long way to go and need to be proactive in order to make a difference.

We encourage you to sign this petition to urge the Government of Canada to continue to address this issue and further move Canada away from single-use plastics. #StopSingleUse

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Minister of Environment and Climate Change
    Catherine McKenna
  • Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard
    Dominic LeBlanc

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