Help Jim Get a Bed at the U of M Transplant Clinic

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Hi everyone! My name is Jaelyn Richter. I’m a 22 year old social work student at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN. My father, 49, was recently diagnosed with end-stage liver failure, acute kidney failure, and acute hepatitis of the liver, requiring him to need a liver transplant to continue living.

The hospital he is at doesn’t have the resources to continue caring for him (or provide a liver transplant) so he needs to be transferred to the U of M Medical Center/Transplant Clinic. However, due to the cause of his condition, the university won’t accept him until he’s on the transplant list. This won’t happen for at least 5.5 more months and he won’t make it that long. He needs the liver NOW.

A major determinant of whether or not someone gets put on a transplant list is social support. I want to show the doctors and nurses at the University of Minnesota that my dad is one of the most loved and supported people out there. The more signatures, the better. Please sign this petition to show your support for my dad and help get him a bed at the university so we can work toward saving his life. 

Thank you! ❤️

Jim is also the head earner in a 1-income family supporting his 5 children and handicapped wife. If you want to help the family out financially, please feel free to donate to our GoFundMe:

PRAYERS are also appreciated! ❤️