Help JC Schools Return to School

Help JC Schools Return to School

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Danielle Goodrich started this petition to JC District School Board and

Edit: Now Johnson City schools have announced we will be going back virtually. Against the advice of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the CDC, Governor, local pediatricians and the President. They are being ill advised by a regional health department consultant. We have asked for proof of their recommendations and that they are better for our children than a virus with a 1/250k likelihood of mortality in ages 0-24. They have not supplied any. We have reached out to lawyers and so far none will touch this type of case even though there are cases in Florida and Illinois. We are asking the Governor to appeal the decision. 

Washington county is basing decisions to close on cases but they need to look at locations that have opened schools with minimal effect and declining mortality rates.  99% of the population is unaffected. Nearly 0% of children. 

The case thresholds proposed by the board for the county are very low. Making normal nearly unobtainable. Only an average of 6 cases/day in a two week period in a county of 129,000 qualify for yellow guidelines. 10 or more qualify for a school closure. As our area is less population dense, our reproduction rate is low, why are the allotted thresholds so low? Why are we taking the same precautions as cities with 5x the reproduction rates and risk? Cases can’t be the only consideration. Declining mortality rates should be apart of the consideration as well. 

We have sent a 16 page paper detailing our ask of the board and representatives. With evidence pointing to our concerns. 

Nationwide testing has increased 7 fold per day. We are going to see a rise in cases. We also knew opening up might lead to this as well. But we cannot use cases as the only consideration for closing. 

As we are seeing out of Knoxville and nationwide the tests are giving 30% false positives and they are counting probable unconfirmed cases. We aren’t working with real data. Which again points to the need to look to places like Sweden that are already out of this with zero interventions.

Ballad said they had 276 ICU beds and were well Equipped for a surge. Yet here we are with a handful and they are saying at capacity.

And when schools open threshold guidelines contain controversial policies for children. There are no masks approved for children by OSHA, The American Academy of Pediatrics' guidance does not recommended masks for children as they will touch their face. 

There are a number of peer reviewed studies that point to the dangers of wearing a mask. Oxygen saturation drops, Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in an increased risk of infection and more.

Additionally, the negative emotional implications of virtual learning, socially distancing children, the health effects of over sterilizing, the repercussions of limiting interaction with germs and peers as both are necessary for health, are placing our children in a position for more health detriments than the virus itself. 

It is the schools responsibility to educate our children. That is what our tax dollars pay for. It is the states job to ensure the fundamental right to education is protected. It is the responsibility of parents and their doctor to instill health. By making school health police and implementing harmful guidelines that have not been tested for long term effects, schools will be creating an environment that is neither more healthy or conducive for learning. 

These policies will serve as distractions from learning, making a teachers job infinitely more difficult, a child’s ability to learn restricted, while doing little to mitigate risk to a population not at risk. 

We believe a better policy would be to take precautions with the at risk while allowing the rest to live freely and normally. At risk teachers teach at risk students virtually. The rest return to normal. 

The intent of this petition is to require the board to appeal the back to school recommendations. 

We ask them to re-evaluate their recommendation. Not relying on the recommendation of a health department consultant but by the advice of The American Academy of Pediatrics. Additionally we ask they reevaluate the survey results for accuracy. As they could be filled out multiple times by anyone. We aim to show that the majority of District parents want their child to return in green, back to normal. That the majority of parents do not want their children masked and socially distanced. As the threat is low, mortality rates are declining, the thresholds are too low, and the solution is more harmful than the problem. Thank you.


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