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Help Inspire High School Students to Stop Climate Change


Many are skeptical that high school students can do much about climate change.

They say students are too young, that they can't vote, that you can't count on them.

The truth is, given the facts and inspiration, students can drive big changes. 

Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) is inspiring hundreds of thousands of students all over the country with education programs that motivate instead of bore them. Their hands-on training for student leaders is spurring students to action: - West High School students in Torrance, CA collected over 26,750 lbs of electronic waste and earned $2,675 that will go towards future projects. - Students from North-Grand and Fenwick High School in Chicago organized a city-wide celebration of green fashion and art highlighting fashion-forward student designers and recycled artists -- Students organized the very first Green Week at Lycee Internationale de Los Angeles (LILA); -- Reed High School students in Sparks, Nevada stopped drips and installed automatic lights to curb energy and water waste in their restrooms. These impactful actions are just a start -- with support from people like you ACE programs can build a nationwide community of educated and inspired students committed to preserving our earth’s climate. It's a good thing, because very soon, climate change may dominate their lives. Pledge to support quality programs like ACE that hit home for high schoolers and help the next generation of Americans fight climate change. Together, we can engage students’ imagination and prove that high school youth can have a huge impact today.


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