Help IDEAS continue to support Australians with disability through information

Help IDEAS continue to support Australians with disability through information

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Why this petition matters

Started by IDEAS

1 in 5 Australians have a disability. People with disability represent a large percentage of our population - yet 1 in 3 report not having their needs met in customer service. If this isn't bad enough, Australia's employment rate for people with disability is on par with developing countries. 

That's why we at IDEAS (Information on Disability Education & Awareness Services) are proud to support all Australians with disability to make informed life decisions through access to important information and resources. We ensure people with disability can make informed choices about their lives, with the support of an inclusive community across Australia. 

***But in June 2018, the NSW Government is pulling our funding. The hugely important resources and support services we provide for Australians with disability are now in danger of closing.***

That's why we're calling on the NSW Government to continue funding IDEAS. Please help us advocate for all Australians with disability and ensure everyone has equal access to the information and support services they need! 

We are an accessible information hub for people with a disability, providing valuable resources about services, support, healthcare, housing, events and awareness across Australia. A key focus for us is supporting all communities who would otherwise struggle to access these services. 

With the introduction of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme), the Australian Government is pulling the funding of state-based organisations for people with disability - including IDEAS. 

The NDIS is meant to provide better services for people with disability. Yet a recent parliamentary enquiry and other research has found that:

  1. The state ombudsman's annual report identifies a total of 838 complaints (402 formal and 436 informal) about disability services in 2015-16. This is the highest number of complaints received about disability in a decade, representing a 42% increase on the previous year.

  2. The ombudsman was notified of 785 reportable incidents involving people with disability - an increase of 14%. About 400 of those involved clients, and were mostly allegations of neglect, physical assault and ill-treatment. Allegations of client neglect increased by 175%.

  3. According to a Victorian enquiry, the NDIS approach has proven itself to be "inaccessible, impersonal and rigid in its interactions with families and services". 

  4. National Disability Services indicated that there is no funding commitment in the NDIS to directly cover the costs of maintaining vehicles, forcing people with disability to rely on expensive taxis. 

  5. The parliamentary enquiry into the NDIS found that support services for hearing impaired children are failing at a “rapid rate” due to under-funding from the NDIS, leaving children $10,000 short of what they need. 

The NDIS leaves disability-related organisations like IDEAS in a funding crisis. The cuts threaten to leave huge gaps in representation for the rights and interests of people with disability. 

The NDIS cannot adequately replace advocacy funding. The NSW Council of Social Services Chief Executive, Tracy Howe, said the state government’s funding must continue after mid-2018. 

“The transition to the national disability insurance scheme (NDIS) will not decrease the need for advocacy. On the contrary, representation advocacy and information are critical to ensuring people with disability can realise the choice and control on which the NDIS is built.”

At IDEAS, we call on the NSW Government to stand up for equal access to information and deliver on its inclusion agenda for people with disability. 

Please help us continue to provide vital information and support for people with disability, and their families and carers! 

Add your signature and stand up for equal access to support for ALL Australians with disability. 

Once you've signed, please contact the following politicians directly and encourage them to lead the way in supporting all Australians with disability! 




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3,459 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!