Help homeless animals in Goriachiy Kluch!

Help homeless animals in Goriachiy Kluch!

1 июня 2022 г.
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Почему эта петиция важна


My original petition on Russian was written 6 years ago
to the authorities of a small southern town called Goriachiy Kluch. A small town that has a huge problem of homeless animals. The call was to create a sanctuary, by providing a territory and building adequate facilities.  

Six years have past, and little has been done by the town government, except for some small and unstable movements toward the sterilization of homeless dogs to control the town’s population of stray animals.

However, we, the enthusiasts, decided to build the shelter by ourselves with the support of donations. It is called “Kluch Dobra”, translated to English as "Kind Spring". 

As of now the sanctuary exists on a small - not to say tiny - private territory. It is the only rescue island in town that the homeless animals can count on. 

The shelter is very humble, as everything was built of second-hand materials. But is has all the basic:

  • electricity, water, road 
  • dog enclosures, booths and sheds
  • a cat house with attic and terrace
  • veterinary block
  • a house with heated floor for the disabled animals 
  • a kitchen and food storage
  • staff room

Our five-year STATISTICS:

  • Rescued: 1459 cats and dogs.
  • Found home for: 1043 cats and dogs.
  • Now at the shelter: about 200 dogs and 130 cats.
  • Disabled: 4 dogs, that are going through rehabilitation treatment, so they can stand on their 4 legs.

The shelter lives only on donations from people. Funds are monthly required for: feeding, cleaning, medical treatments and vaccinations, construction and replacement of enclosures, booths, sheds, transportation, walking with dogs, and many other little things such as leashes, etc.

NO MATTER THE POLITICAL SITUATION, ANIMALS NEED HELP. We get calls every day about dogs and cats with broken legs, wounds and diseases. Also everyday there are boxes of live kittens and puppies can be seen next to garbage containers around town. We cannot leave them to die and we will continue what we have been doing, while we have the donators' support. But lately it has become more and more difficult, as the prices go up and the donations go down.

We don't get help from any large or state company. Just the regular people, who are kind and want the animals to have a fair chance. The donations are very irregular, and the costs are regular. So we try very hard to make ends meet.


  • Our fundraiser on GoFundMe is here.
  • For PayPal donations please write us to or whatsapp 7 918 328-94-13.

� Our website is (to read on your language use automatic translation by pressing the right button on your mouse).  

You can find us in all social networks by @priutgk or @priyutgk (to read our posts, use automatic translation by pressing the right button on your mouse).  And also the English version by @kindspring_shelter or @KindSpringShelter, but they have not been updated lately, because we don´t have the person for it.

� Financial and activities REPORTS: here.

CATALOG of our pets.

Subscribe to us! Make reposts of on your page and in groups! Animals don’t have nationality. They need your help. Our struggle for lives continues.

Only together we can create consciousness for responsible animal care.

Your help is desperately needed and deeply apreciated!

Подписей: 233Следующая цель: 500