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Since July 2011, in Hampi, South India, 328 families have been affected by the forced eviction and demolition of their homes and businesses. The Government are developing this beautiful and holy place to reap the benefits and change it forever. They want to move the people, who have lived here for generations, 6km away to a barren site, where a sewage system and engineering for water is near impossible due to the land being made of rock. These gentle people have two places they want to move to, 1.5km away so they can continue their involvement with what was their home, and this will lessen the social and domestic issues that come with displacement. Please help this gentle community who have been here for generations, by letting them move close by and reconsider further demolition, removing the heart of Hampi. On 23 April 2012, another quarter of the village will be removed, time is short, your URGENT response appreciated. Thank You.!/HelpHampiPeople

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  • Supreme Court India Delhi
    Supreme Court India Delhi
  • Superintending Archaeolgist, Bengaluru
    Kendriya Sadana
  • Chief Minister of Karnataka
    C. M. Sadanandagowda

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