Help Hamilton get a Community Police Station.

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Help Hamilton get a Community Police Station

The residents of Hamilton are asking for your help convincing the city of Richmond to set up a community police station in our neighborhood. Hamilton is a small community located at the Eastern boundaries of Richmond, and due to the remote nature of the area police response times are currently 30-45 minutes, recently the community has been feeling the negative impact of this isolation. Residents feel that this poor response time and lack of police presence in the area has been contributing to multiple issues in the area including: increased break-ins, speeding/racing along Westminster highway at night, a growing homeless encampment, and vehicular crime (including theft, stolen vehicle dumps, and vandalism). Hamilton is a close-knit neighborhood of young families, including multiple day cares, a fire station, a community center, and an elementary school. Our families would like to implore the city to help us feel more safe and comfortable within our homes by installing a community police station; your signatures will help us do just that.  In the result of a City wide emergency, Hamilton will be forgotten, where we will be left to defend our self.

Thank you for helping us keep Hamilton a desirable, family-friendly neighborhood.

There are currently four locations in Richmond to serve the community.  The locations do not serve the Hamilton area with in a good responds time due to their locations.

Please look at the link to show the areas of Community Police Office'.

Richmond's Main Detachment
City Centre Community Police Office
Steveston Community Police Office
South Arm Community Police Office