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Help Haiti in everyway

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Help Haiti   :)

The tragedy in Haiti is a horror beyond words, and continues to this day   :) stopped my capacity to post comments over 11 months ago, so, my updated daily actions will be incorporated into the pledge here, now, instead of in the comment section below the pledge; as well, excuse the fact that this petition was closed by admin. for the last 2 months, inexpicably   :)     Latest   :)   Tell Newsweek: Haiti Deserves Honest Media Coverage!:  http://../view/tell_newsweek_haiti_deserves_honest_media_coverage   Haiti Crisis Needs an Immediate Response:

http://../view/haiti_crisis_needs_an_immediate_response     U.S. must ensure free, fair and inclusive elections in Haiti as condition for funding: http://../view/us_must_ensure_free_fair_and_inclusive_elections_in_haiti_as_condition_for_funding   Tom Coburn Stops Aid to Haiti On Technicality .: http://../view/tom_coburn_stops_aid_to_haiti_on_technicality_     Help Haiti in everyway (updated regularly)   :)       Tell the Church of God not to Evict Homeless Haitians:   Stop U.S. Taxpayers' Good Money From Going to Bad Elections in Haiti!:   http://../view/stop_us_taxpayers_good_money_from_going_to_bad_elections_in_haititi       Latest petition for Haiti on :) End Child Slavery in Haiti: Latest petition for Haiti on :) Tell France to Pay Back Haiti's "Independence" Debt: Thank President Obama for Helping Haitians Help Haiti:   Latest petition for Haiti on :) Put Money in the Hands of Haitian Women - Pongan Dinero en Manos   :)       Latest petition for Haiti on   :) Put Money Directly in the Hands of Haitian Women   :)     My latest petition for Haiti on   :) Haiti, we  can do more   :)       Don't Deny Thousands of Haitians Temporary Protected Status    :)   http://../view/dont_deny_thousands_of_haitians_temporary_protected_status     Stop Forced Evictions of Haiti's Earthquake Victims :)     http://../haitijustice/petitions/view/stop_forced_evictions_of_haitis_earthquake_victims_2   Stop Forced Evictions of Haiti's Earthquake Victims :)   http://../haitijustice/petitions/view/stop_forced_evictions_of_haitis_earthquake_victims_3   Stop Forced Evictions of Haiti's Earthquake Victims :)   http://../haitijustice/petitions/view/stop_forced_evictions_of_haitis_earthquake_victims_4   Stop Forced Evictions of Haiti's Earthquake Victims :)   http://../haitijustice/petitions/view/stop_forced_evictions_of_haitis_earthquake_victims   SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH EVERYONE   :)     Help Raise Awareness and Funds for the Orphans of Haiti   :)         Establish a 21st Century Epidemic Advisory System For Haiti   :)

Emergency Appeal: Haiti Epidemic Warning and Rapid Response   :)     Help Haitian Women Fight Against Rape   :) http://../haitijustice/petitions/view/help_haitian_women_fight_against_rape     We Can Do Better for Haiti: Demand Transparency and Improved Aid Distribution   :) http://../haitijustice/petitions/view/we_can_do_better_for_haiti_demand_transparency_and_improved_aid_distribution     Help Haiti Rebuild and Feed Itself   :) http://../view/help_haiti_rebuild_and_feed_itself   I still want to 'Click to Donate' To Haiti!   :)      

Disaster relief is outside our scope of work at Public Citizen, but this is a time when we all must come together to care for our fellow women, men and children. People are dying and suffering from a lack of basic medical supplies, food and clean water. The best way to address these needs in the short term is to send funds to organizations that can deliver this kind of aid.

There are many excellent organizations doing humanitarian work. If you are considering making a Haiti-related donation, you might consider these three organizations:

Doctors Without Borders My fundraising page for: Doctors Without Borders   :) http://../myfundraising/DoctorsWithoutBorders

Partners in Health


Amidst this natural disaster, there has been a lot of commentary and discussion in the media about the long-standing, human-made troubles in Haiti. Some of this commentary is mean-spirited, but even much well-intentioned commentary too easily slips into blaming the people of Haiti for the oppressive systems under which they have suffered. As Randall Robinson, the founder of the TransAfrica Forum correctly says, "Haiti's misery is largely not of its own making."

If you are inclined at this time of tragedy to seek a broader perspective on Haiti's history, you may wish to consult these resources:

An Unbroken Agony: Haiti, from Revolution to the Kidnapping of a President
Randall Robinson
Basic Civitas Books, 2008

The Uses of Haiti
Paul Farmer
Common Courage Press, 2005

Walking on Fire: Haitian Women's Stories of Survival and Resistance
Beverly Bell
Cornell University Press, 2001

For a just and compassionate world,

Robert Weissman
President, Public Citizen To get regular e-alerts about opportunities for activism and other ways to help with Public Citizen's work, sign up for the Public Citizen Action Network. Public Citizen | Take Action   My fundraising page for: Public Citizen   :) http://../myfundraising/PublicCitizen           Voices from Haiti: Blogs from Members in the Field   :) IMC AT THE HOTEL TURNED HOSPITAL IN PORT-AU-PRINCE  HAITIAN HEALTH FOUNDATION: PREPARING FOR REFUGEES  CARE'S EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS: PEOPLE ARE DESPERATE FOR HELP  SINCE 1912, CATHOLIC MEDICAL MISSION BOARD HAS HELPED HAITI -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
IMC at the Hotel
Turned Hospital in
Margaret Aguirre 01/14/2010
Haitian Health Foundation:
Preparing for
E. Marilyn Lowney 01/14/2010
CARE's Eyewitness Accounts: People are Desperate for Help
Hauke Hoops 01/14/2010
Since 1912, Catholic Medical Mission
Board Helps Haiti
Jeffrey Jordan 01/13/2010
Haiti: Everything
is Urgent
Sophie Perez 01/13/2010
Haiti's Newest
Jeffrey Jordan 01/13/2010
More Emergency Responders Arriving
in Haiti from Save
the Children
Ian Rodgers Global Health Council Members Rush to Help Haiti Global Health Council members are marshalling their forces enmasse to come to the aid of Haiti during this time of immense suffering. The Council is the source of information for what is happening on the ground through its frontline blogs, the monitoring of news, and places to donate. If you have blogs or photos from Haiti or news to share, please send them here. Photo credits:
Left: by Margaret Aguirre/International Medical Corps
Right: by Reuters/Kena Betancur, courtesy
 and CARE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Haitian Health Foundation: Assessing Damage, Preparing for Refugees 01/14/2010 E. Marilyn Lowney on what the Haitian Health Foundation is doing in the aftermath of the earthquake
READ MORE Haiti: Everything is Urgent
01/13/2010 CARE's Sophie Perez shares her experience as the earthquake hit Haiti
READ MORE   Haiti's Newest Tragedy
01/13/2010 CMMB's Jeff Jordan on Haiti's coming public health challenges
READ MORE More Emergency Responders Arriving in Haiti from Save the Children
01/13/2010 Save the Children's Ian Rodgers reports on the situation in Port-au-Prince
READ MORE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
This e-mail was sent by the Global Health Council on January 15, 2010. For more information on the
GLOBAL HEALTH magazine, please visit our website. 15 Railroad Row | White River Jct, VT 05001
My fundraising page for: Global Health Council   :) http://../myfundraising/GlobalHealthCouncil          
[CIW News] Haiti: Love among the ruins   :) Friends -- The extent of destruction and loss in Haiti is only now coming into focus, and its true measure will not be known for months, maybe years, to come. But as we have learned from so many tragedies past, these are the times when the very best of human nature -- our capacity for love and all that love makes possible -- rises in defiance of the horror. The face of love is present in the picture on a picture gallery on the Huffington Post ( -- love in the eyes and smile of two-year old Redjeson Claude for his mother, whom he is seeing for the first time after being trapped alone for two days in the rubble, love on the faces of the emergency personnel and neighbors who risked their own lives to search for survivors. Love is also present in communities across the globe, far from Haiti, where millions of people have rallied to donate dearly-needed emergency supplies and funds to Haiti. Despite the inconceivably harsh and inhumane statements by some of this country's loudest political voices discouraging their followers from donating to the rescue and rebuilding efforts, all reports seem to indicate that the world as come together to help Haiti weather this devastating blow. Even one of this country's poorest communities -- the farmworker community of Immokalee -- is doing its part. Enlisting our low-power radio station, Radio Conciencia, in the cause, CIW members have launched a donation drive. We will join others doing the same here in Immokalee in sending all that we collect to Haiti through the Red Cross this coming Monday (in the photo above, CIW members erect a sign outside the CIW headquarters in Immokalee publicizing the donation drive). The response has been overwhelming. Seeing farmworkers, themselves suffering unemployment and economic crisis due to two weeks of freezing temperatures that destroyed crops across south Florida, stream into the office with water, clothes, and canned food is nothing short of inspiring. If you haven't done so already, please let Immokalee's efforts inspire you, too, to donate today to Haiti's recovery. If you are interested in donating to the relief efforts,  ( -- the superb community-based health organization led by our friend and fellow RFK Human Rights Award laureate Loune Vlaud -- is a place where you can rest assured that your donation will be put to good and effective use. Thanks, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers   :)        
Prevent War: Can Congress Help Rebuild Peace in Haiti?   :) Friends Committee on National Legislation - A Quaker Lobby in the Public Interest
Urge Congress to Invest More in Preventing War HILL UPDATE: This week's tragic earthquake in Haiti ( - a country already struggling to recover from years of violent conflict and political strife - illustrates the importance of rapidly available funds that can be used for crisis prevention and response.  In addition to immediate relief and humanitarian aid, additional support will no doubt be needed in the months ahead to rebuild the UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti and address potential flashpoints of new or re-emerging conflict as the country struggles to rebuild.  Thanks to the hard work of FCNL and many others, Congress has now created a new crisis prevention and response fund that could be used to help rebuild peace in situations like Haiti. Success! After seven years of raising awareness on Capitol Hill about the importance of preventing deadly conflict, lobbying for funding to help prevent and mitigate crises, and a significant coalition push during the appropriations process in 2009, a $50 million Complex Crises Fund (link to: passed as part of the State and Foreign Operations Appropriations bill on December 13th. This fund will allow civilian agencies to respond more quickly and effectively to emerging or unforeseen crises.  In its budget for 2010, the administration originally requested $100 million in flexible funds to be split between the State Department and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to prevent and mitigate crises. The final omnibus appropriations bill from Congress provides $50 million for a new Complex Crises Fund, directed primarily to USAID in consultation with the State Department.  Despite the cut in total flexible funding from the White House request, creation of the Complex Crises Fund in law marks a critical victory in giving civilian agencies the tools they need to better prevent deadly conflict. The Complex Crises Fund provides funding directly to civilian agencies and appropriators have stated clearly that it is intended to replace a temporary fund previously given to the Pentagon, called  "1207 funding."  Since 2006, 1207 funding has been given to the Department of Defense (DoD) through the military appropriations bill, and then transferred by DoD to the State Department for programs to prevent or respond to crises.  DoD sign-off was required for programs to go forward. The militarization of U.S foreign policy (link: remains a chief concern for FCNL, and the Complex Crises Fund is one important step toward putting civilians back in the lead. The 2010 military appropriations bill notes a decrease in funding for "1207" and the expected termination of the 1207 authority in 2011 specifically because of the creation of the Complex Crises Fund--a concrete transfer of power from military to civilian capacity. The State and Foreign Operations Appropriations bill contains other important provisions for building civilian capacity for peaceful foreign engagement including: --funding for 700 new Foreign Service Officers (FSOs) and 300 new USAID FSOs; --$150 million for the Civilian Stabilization Initiative, which funds the Civilian Response Corps (CRC) (link:; and, --$55 million for USAID's Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI), which has proven itself to be effective at quickly implementing projects to mitigate conflict or transition afterwards. TAKE ACTION: Write a Letter to the Editor - Congress Should Invest in Preventing War. The Washington Post recently reported ( that President Obama will request $708 billion for the Department of Defense in his upcoming budget as well as $33 billion more for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The administration claims that its "central military objectives for the next four years will include winning the current wars while preventing new ones." Urge your members of Congress to scrutinize the budget request to ensure the U.S. invests in preventing, not just fighting, wars. ( SAVE THE DATE: First Prevent War Conference Call!  Please join Bridget and Katrina for the first ever Peaceful Prevention of Deadly Conflict (PPDC) Program conference call with constituents on February 10th at 8pm, EST. On that call we will update participants on plans and legislative opportunities for PPDC work in the year ahead, and talk about how YOU can engage your community in 2010 to help prevent war. Mark your calendars and watch for call details in the next Prevent War. MORE RESOURCES: "Haiti Quake May Threaten Stability Achieved by UN Peacekeepers" by Bill Varner ( "Call in the Civilians" by Ron Capps ( U.N. Special Envoy to Afghanistan, Kai Eide, on Civilian role ( MORE FCNL RESOURCES: Bridget Reflects on Hope for Haiti ( Update on Haiti: ICE Halts Deportations of Haitians For Now, TPS Still Not Granted
( Check out FCNL's successes in 2009 ( The Peaceful Prevention of Deadly Conflict Program has updated its website! Check out the new look (, as well as updates on our current work for diplomacy (, development ( and international cooperation ( ------------------- Donate to FCNL: Friends Committee on National Legislation | 245 2nd Street NE Washington, DC 20002 | | 800-630-1330   My fundraising page for: Friends Committee on National Legislation   :) http://../myfundraising/FCONL         
Haiti needs our help   :) The earthquake in Haiti has been catastrophic. More than three million people have been affected, and estimates are that over 50,000 have died. The human suffering is unimaginable.
That's why I'd like to pause from our usual conversation and ask for your help.  
Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, with 85% of Haitians already living in desperate poverty. Now, with hospitals in ruin, dire shortages of even basic necessities like fresh water, and no way to find out whether family members are alive, the Haitian people urgently need our help.
A number of organizations are already engaged in critical relief efforts, and I urge you to support as many of them as you can. One of them, Oxfam America, has an emergency response team of more than 200 people already on the ground. The need for clean water and critical public health services is massive and immediate -- and our donations can help save lives.
Make a donation to Oxfam's earthquake relief effort in Haiti: Or, for a list of other organizations to donate to and ways to make a difference, see There are moments when we, as human beings, must come together as a global community and as stewards of each others' health and welfare. It is that sense of interconnectedness that brought each of us to the climate movement, and it is moments like this that bring out the best in us -- as individuals, as a nation, and as a movement. Let's make sure the people of Haiti do not face this disaster alone. Thank you for taking action in the face of this tragedy.
Al Gore
Alliance for Climate Protection   My fundraising page for: Alliance for Climate Protection   :)
    Latest from Haiti   :)
Please help - 100% of your gift will go directly to help children in Haiti.
Words fail: up to two million children are at risk in Haiti right now.
Separated from their families. Trapped under rubble. Countless newly orphaned. Desperate.
Every moment matters: donate NOW and 100% of every dollar to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF will go directly to fund child-saving relief efforts in Haiti.
We can save these children. I say this because I've seen your generosity and I've seen UNICEF's response. Less than 48 hours ago, UNICEF delivered to Port-au-Prince:
10,000 tarpaulins, 4,600 water containers, 5.5 million water purification tablets, 556,000 oral rehydration sachets
These supplies are bringing critical relief to up to 10,000 families. An additional 20,000 families will receive similar supplies momentarily. But it's not enough and these two million children are relying completely on international relief.
Please give now: every gift will save a life, and 100% of your donation will go directly to UNICEF to support relief efforts.
Children in Haiti have nowhere to go. No homes, no hospitals, no government aid centers. There is literally nothing beyond what you and I and the rest of the relief community can provide.
Yes, delivering relief into the country has been exceedingly difficult. Yes, logistics and communications have taken time. But this means nothing in the face of these children who need us. We will do whatever it takes to save these children, no matter how difficult, how seemingly impossible. Please, help us save more lives.   With humility, Caryl M. Stern
President and CEO
U.S. Fund for UNICEF
P.S. The U.S. Fund for UNICEF is absorbing all administrative fees associated with handling your donation, so that you can be confident 100% of every dollar you give will go directly to relief efforts. 
U.S. Fund for UNICEF. 125 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038.
Privacy Policy If this message was forwarded to you, please join us! Subscribe to U.S. Fund for UNICEF.
My fundraising page for: United States Fund for UNICEF   :) http://../myfundraising/USFundforUNICEF    
  Standing Together with Haiti   :) We at The Peace Alliance stand together in support of the people of Haiti.  Our hearts go out to everyone in Haiti and all their loved ones around the world.  There is so much suffering on our planet and people who are in need of help, yet the earthquake devastation in Haiti is particularly heartbreaking. We have heard from quite a few people asking what they can do to help.  We've created a page on our website with many organizations who are already on the ground in Haiti.  If you feel so moved, please make a contribution to one of these or your favorite charity. While there are many good organizations you can support, we are directly familiar with the following two.  These groups do long-term sustainable development and conflict resolution work (both have people on the ground in Haiti helping with this crisis). Mercy Corps Mercy Corps works almost exclusively in high-risk conflict and post-conflict environments, implementing innovative conflict resolution and peacebuilding programs which will be essential to Haiti both now and moving forward.  They are working right now to deliver rapid, lifesaving aid to hard-hit communities in Haiti.  Grameen Haiti
"For years, Grameen Foundation has been using microfinance and technology to help Haitians move themselves out of poverty.  Grameen is working to help the nation recover from this recent disaster and will continue, as hard as it may be to imagine, to help their local partners build a Haiti that is more prosperous than pre-earthquake conditions."  This is an opportunity to stand in support of our brothers and sisters in Haiti.  In Gratitude, All of us at
The Peace Alliance Subscribe: For general inquiries contact: The Peace Alliance   :)     My fundraising page for: The Peace Alliance   :)            
Helping the UN Help Haiti   :)  TAKE ACTION   :) BECOME A MEMBER +  DONATE +        Dear UNA-USA Members and Supporters, Haiti's catastrophic earthquake on Tuesday is a tragic human disaster that continues to unfold even as relief efforts make their way to the country's capital. As the death toll mounts, it's increasingly feared that this could become one of the most devastating global natural disasters in recent history, potentially rivaling Southeast Asia's tsunami in 2004, which killed more than 200,000 people. Such a human calamity compels urgent action. One of the most important actions is to provide for the basic needs of the millions of survivors - food, water, medical supplies, shelter and trauma care. It is our responsibility as people who care to ensure that the humanitarian impact of this disaster does not escalate even higher. By assisting the UN agencies most involved on the ground, we can make a difference. I know you've got a lot of choices - there are many worthy NGOs making appeals simultaneously, but I'd like to urge you to give directly to the pre-eminent UN organizations:
The World Food Program UNICEFThe World Health Organization/Pan American Health OrganizationCentral Emergency Response FundI'm certain that many of you have already contributed to some of the charities working in Haiti, and I'm proud to learn that several UNA-USA chapters have started campaigns or sent funds by now (e.g. Boston, Santa Clara, East Bay). Some of you may still want to launch chapter campaigns or events, sending your support as soon as possible as well as in the coming weeks. To keep track of our collective effort, please send an e-mail to our chapter delegate, Herb Behrstock, at, indicating the amount of your contribution so that we at UNA-USA can inform the UN of our efforts on its behalf. I'm confident that our globally conscious UNA-USA community will help meet the needs of Haitians and generously respond to this crisis. Many thanks, Tom Miller President and Chief Executive Office United Nations Association of the United States of America
801 Second Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10017 Email: | Tel: 212 907-1300 | Fax: 212 682-9185
  My fundraising page for: United Nations Association of the USA   :)       Help Haitian Earthquake Survivors to Rebuild   :)
Survivors in Haiti awoke today to a future devastated by the recent earthquake. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the millions of Haitians who have lost family members, homes and businesses in this disaster. Emergency relief has begun, but the 13,500 Haitians we serve desperately need your help to rebuild the livelihoods they have lost. Please help relieve the immense suffering and challenge that our Haitian clients face. Click here to donate to ACCION's Support Haiti Fund. For the past decade, ACCION has worked with SOGESOL, the microfinance arm of Haiti's largest bank, to bring microfinance services and hope for a better future to Haiti's self-employed poor. We are in close contact with staff at SOGESOL who are assessing the damage. As the president of SOGESOL reported earlier today, "We have lost many close friends. This is the worst catastrophe I have ever experienced in Haiti." Soon the earthquake's destruction of local Haitian businesses will be sorely felt by the families, neighbors and communities that depend on them for basic goods and services. For decades, microfinance services have empowered and provided stability to poor Haitians during difficult times. Together, we can help do that again. Please donate today to help SOGESOL's clients rekindle hope and rebuild the lives they have struggled to create. As we continue to learn more information about the status of SOGESOL's clients, we will be sure to keep you informed. Sincerely, Roy Jacobowitz
Managing Director, External Affairs
ACCION International Home | Privacy Policy    
My fundraising page for: ACCION International   :)
  Haiti   :) Dear MoveOn member,
The news coming out of Haiti is almost too terrible to imagine.
Three million people have been affected by Tuesday's earthquake, and the Red Cross estimates as many as 50,000 may be dead. Survivors are digging through the rubble with their hands in a desperate attempt to rescue those who are trapped.
With water and medical supplies in short supply, and the Haitian government paralyzed, international aid efforts in the next few days will be critical to prevent more human suffering. These three charities, and many others, are providing care. If you can contribute to help fund their emergency efforts, please do. Doctors Without Borders: My fundraising page for: Doctors Without Borders   :) Oxfam America:
Yéle Haiti:
Thanks for all you do. -Justin, Adam, Amy, Anna, Annie, Carrie, Christopher, Daniel, Danielle, Eli, Emily, Gail, Ian, Ilya, Ilyse, Joan, Jodeen, Kat, Keauna, Laura, Lenore, Marika, Matt, Matthew, Melanie, Michael, Nita, Peter, Scott, Stephen, Steven, Susannah, Tim, and Wes
PAID FOR BY MOVEON.ORG POLITICAL ACTION, Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. 
My fundraising page for: MoveOn   :)           $890 million for Haiti   :)   The harrowing images and stories coming out of Haiti are devastating to watch. The incredible outpouring of concern, aid and assistance coming from the United States and all over the world offers hope, but for many of us the question lingers: "What else can I do?" One way we can help Haitians build a better tomorrow is to convince global creditors to cancel Haiti's $890 million international debt. Doing so will help make sure that every possible future dollar goes towards rebuilding a stronger Haiti, not to servicing old debts. Thankfully, the United States has already forgiven Haiti's past debts and now only gives assistance in the form of grants. We need Haiti's other creditors-the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, and countries like Taiwan and Venezuela-to follow our lead and do the same. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has the power to help make that happen. Please click the link below to join me and send Secretary Geithner this urgent message: As Haiti rebuilds from this disaster, please work to secure the immediate cancellation of Haiti's $890 million debt and ensure that any emergency earthquake assistance is provided in the forms of grants, not debt-incurring loans. Even before the earthquake hit, Haiti-the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere-faced tremendous challenges. But there was also hope. Recent years have brought a more stable government and tenuous gains in the fight against poverty. Haiti needs an international effort to make sure that, as it begins the long road to recovery, it is not burdened with unpayable debts. We must also be vigilant that any new aid from the IMF and other sources doesn't come in the form of loans that would create new debt for Haiti. It all starts by calling on Secretary Geithner to use his influence to persuade international lending institutions and countries to do the right thing and drop Haiti's debt. Take action now: Thank you, Sheila Nix
U.S. Executive Director, ONE ONE.ORG | BLOG | PRIVACY | SUBSCRIBE | CONTACT US | ABOUT   My fundraising page for: One Campaign   :)         Please, two progressive ways to help the people of Haiti, if you will   :) How you can help: 1. Give to Doctors Without Borders 2. Tell Obama: Stop the forcible deportation of Haitians Our hearts go out to the victims of yesterday's earthquake in Haiti. Here are two progressive ways you can make a difference today.

Give to Doctors Without Borders / Medicins Sans Frontieres. My fundraising page for: Doctors Without Borders   :)      Other Actions For Haitian Earthquake Help   :) How to Help Haiti   :)
Do Whatever You Can to Help The Haitians   :)
Haitian Earthquake Has Destroyed the Capital City   :)
Help Haiti - Drop the Debt   :) 
Support the UN's Response to Haiti Quake Victims   :)
Honor UN Peacekeepers in Haiti   :)
Protect U.S. Haitians from Deportation   :)   These Actions on, the urls    :) Haiti Emergency Actions   :)
Haiti: Humanitarian Help   :)
End All Deportations To Haiti and Grant TPS status to Haitians   :)
Tell Obama: Grant "Temporary Protected Status" for Haitian refugees   :)   Haitian Earthquake Relief   :) My fundraising page for: American Friends Service Committee   :)
My fundraising page for: Friends Committee on National Legislation   :)
My fundraising page for: MoveOn   :)
My fundraising page for: ACCION International   :)
My fundraising page for: United Nations Association of the USA   :)
My fundraising page for: United States Fund for UNICEF   :)
My fundraising page for: Alliance for Climate Protection   :)
My fundraising page for: Global Health Council   :)
My fundraising page for: Public Citizen   :)
My fundraising page for: Doctors Without Borders   :)
My fundraising page for: The Peace Alliance   :)
My fundraising page for: One Campaign   :)

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