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Petitioning WestJet

Help Get Westjet Regional Air Service to Cold Lake, AB

We want Westjet Airlines to choose the City of Cold Lake, Alberta as a centre for their new Regional Air Service. Please show a strong support for this idea to show Westjet that there is a viable economic drive for their services here. This service would benefit both the business and leisure traveller. You would not have to endure anymore long, cold drives to the Edmonton just to have access to other centres! This would help to open up economic opportunities, as well as tourism. Do not just think of traveling out! Consider the family, friends, and business passengers that could travel into our area! Vote now and help get others to sign by going to and searching Westjet, then choose Cold Lake. Remember, each adult in your household can sign the petition!

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: WestJet.

Provide Regional Air Service from Cold Lake, AB to Edmonton and Calgary.

We petition Westjet to provide their Regional Air Service out of the City of Cold Lake, AB. It would provide the residents of the Lakeland area an alternative method of connecting with different centers. In this economically stable area, many business travellers would save hours in travel time for meetings.
The leisure traveller would eliminate the worry of driving all the way to Edmonton, paying the expense of an overnight hotel, and then sometimes driving home in the middle of the night with their entire family in the middle of winter!
Just imagine, family, friends, and business travelers would be able to fly into our area!
We will also open up the opportunities to increase our economic and tourism industries!

Please show your support!