Get all seasons of Supernatural added to Netflix all over the world

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hello everybody! most of you are probably here from my Instagram account @castiel_my_queen where I post about this as much as I can but if you're not, supernatural is a TV show about two brothers who fight demons and monsters. it has been on since 2005 and is unfortunately ending on may 18th 2020. with the show ending a lot of people will have no way to watch it and a lot fewer new people will discover it. my goal is to get all 15 seasons added to every Netflix all over the world. some places still have it but most don't so every signature helps even if it doesn't apply to you. I don't know what my goal is but i'm hoping to get enough signatures to get noticed by the CW or Netflix. please share with anybody you can and if you post it on Instagram use #bringbackspn so I can see it! thank you for the support so far I appreciate every single one of you<3